Twitter/Freebie Files

Where Ya At Matt Hands Out Free Beignets

Get to SLU before the irascible rain clouds return.

12/08/2010 By Christopher Werner

Books & Authors

A City on a Sustainable Hill

Three new books contend Seattle can still teach the world a green thing or two.

11/08/2010 By Eric Scigliano


Serious Pie Comes to South Lake Union

The second location of Tom Douglas’s popular pizzeria will open at the corner of Westlake and Harrison.

11/04/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Mistralkitchen, A Lot of Champagne, And You

Five hours of sparkler sipping begins at 5pm tonight.


Morning Meal Deal

Half-Priced Breakfast This Week at SLU’s Row House Cafe

Baked brie in the morning? That could work.

11/01/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Slideshow: Lake Union Floating Farmers Market

Before the floating market moves indoors and onto a ship, say goodbye to the outdoor version with scenes from the season’s last hurrah.

10/29/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Buy Your Veggies From A Boat

Maritime farmers markets floats up to Lake Union Park.

10/19/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Food Finds

Just Eat It: Shrimp Salad Sandwich at On the Fly

Delicious, and only $6.50.

10/04/2010 By Christopher Werner


Which Seattle Restaurants Get the Foodie Stamp of Approval?

And is that term forever ingrained in our lexicon?

09/30/2010 By Christopher Werner

Last Night

Last Night: Saturday at Lake Union Park

Wickedly-strong fertilizer smell aside, South Lake Union park's grand opening ceremony was the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday and might have been BikeNerd's entry point into yet another expensive and nerdy hobby, stand-up paddle boarding.

09/27/2010 By Josh Cohen


I Should Really Follow My Own Advice

BikeNerd came mighty close to getting squished last weekend, all because he wasn't following his own good advice to stay off the sidewalk.

09/22/2010 By Josh Cohen

Freebie File

Delancey Turns One, Tutta Bella Takes Top Title

Both pizzerias celebrate by handing out freebies.

08/12/2010 By Christopher Werner

Foodie Fun

Who Flips the Best Burger in South Lake Union?

Flying Fish, re:public, Whole Foods, or Seastar?

08/11/2010 By Christopher Werner


On the Fly: On for Late Next Week

The take-out counter will serve salads, sandwiches, and make-at-home meals to the booming South Lake Union crowd.

08/05/2010 By Christopher Werner

City Hall

Burgess to State: Don't Hold Off on Reconnecting South Lake Union Street Grid

City Council member Tim Burgess says he's concerned that the state's viaduct replacement proposal doesn't address traffic flow in South Lake Union.

07/20/2010 By Erica C. Barnett

Morning Fizz

On Our Backs

In today's Fizz: Patty Murray gets slammed in new TV ad; Pete Holmes gets an angry letter (from Muni Judge Edsonya Charles); city ratepayers get utility increases; Clint Didier gets money from Sarah Palin; South Lake Union gets Deutschebank; and more.

07/13/2010 By Morning Fizz


Sale: Velocity Art and Design

Kartell Ghost Chairs and more on sale now

07/09/2010 By Amanda LaPlante


Big Book Store. Bad Example.

Up it goes, the 12-story monolith that online books built. I'm all for the height, but architecturally, in a word: ugh.

06/25/2010 By Dan Bertolet

This Just In

Re:Public Opens Today

More to eat at South Lake Union

06/23/2010 By Kathryn Robinson


The New Flying Fish Opens Tonight

And on Monday, lunch service begins.

05/28/2010 By Christopher Werner