We’ll take three, please.

Well how dumb do we feel.

Lunchbox Laboratory isn’t sticking in its old space in Ballard, as we reported this morning; the deal is just that they haven’t changed their website in a year. A friend of Seattle Met read the site’s news of last year’s cancelled move, called us in a panic, and we put it out for all the world to tweet.

Um. Oops.

Just got off the phone with John Schmidt, CEO of Neighborhood Grill, the owner of the restaurant (Southlake Grill) Lunchbox Lab will be replacing. “Nope, Scott Simpson is full-steam ahead,” Schmidt confirmed, adding that today is the last day of business for Southlake. Schmidt’s outfit and Simpson will partner to create a new, much glossier Lab, complete with an upstairs loft and retro-80’s style arcade games.

But those behemoth burgers will still be in place. “We’re taking his concept from quick-serve to full-service,” explains Schmidt—corporate restaurant-speak for “serving booze.” Plus there will be more appetizers, a selection of paninis, and more desserts.

Not that anyone will ever get to dessert after one of Simpson’s burgers.

Look for it to open Thursday, January 27.

(And for us to never make a mistake again.)

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