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MistralKitchen Makes Bon Appétit’s Best Desserts Roster

Oh look, another Top 10-er.

By Christopher Werner January 19, 2011

Reason to smile: Bon Appétit mentions Neil Robertson of Mistralkitchen in its Best Desserts roundup.

Hoping the litany of food lists is a bygone of 2010? Don’t hold your breath, friend.

In its February issue, Bon Appétit reviews the 10 nationwide restaurants where ordering dessert is a must. At these places, the article dictates, the final course is spun “with a mix of childhood nostalgia, whimsical creativity, and homey flavors.” Getting a nod is South Lake Union’s MistralKitchen.

The pub applauds pastry chef Neil Robertson—his “resume—Joël Robuchon and Guy Savoy in Las Vegas—speaks for itself; but his true talents are better tasted”—before naming the Ultra Brownie, topped with peanut butter ice cream, the “must order.”

(We hear Robertson’s macaroons, available at nearby Claudio Corallo, also are wonders to behold.)

As you may recall, Seattle purveyors (deservedly) make frequent cameos on BA ’s Top 10 lists, in the past securing shout-outs for best pie, new restaurant, and pasta.

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