Re:Public’s daily happy hour is a hit in South Lake Union.

HOURS: Daily 4-6pm
PRICES: $5 Select wines by the glass; $4 wells; select pints $3.50. Small plates $4 each. Kusshi oysters $2.

The bottles behind the bar at Re:Public aren’t stacked three deep on the shelves, the way they are at Liberty and Zig Zag, they’re displayed proudly. Lit up. “Look at me!” they seem to say. So I do. And I find several of them contain mere drops of liquid. If you’re out of Blanton’s, I wonder, wouldn’t you get out a new bottle? Or at least not display your dreggy one so prominently? Suddenly, bourbon doesn’t appeal. I order a glass of wine, a crisp chardonnay from Impuls—$5 at HH. A smart, easy-going choice for a happy hour wine.

It’s noisy in Re:Public, people lean in towards each other at the row of wooden booths lining one brick wall and at the tall tables surrounding the bar. This feels good, lively, urban. So often Seattle feels half deserted, have you noticed? Where are all the people, you wonder, as you belly up at some excellent Belltown cocktail lounge by your lonesome.

They are at Re:Public, as it turns out, eating kusshi oysters, $2 each both at HH and on the dinner menu (dinner service begins at 5pm). They are eating the meaty things that taste so good: pork cheeks ($4), pig’s tails ($4)—food names that sounds like the start of a nursery rhyme. If it’s after five they are venturing off the HH menu, sinking their forks into a pork belly cooked perfectly—a cube of crispy, fatty pig heaven with a cute riff on a Waldorf salad for compliment.

Hmm, Re:Public. Nice food, neighborhood feel, generous but tiny little HH menu, empty bottles of booze behind the bar. I don’t know though, it’s fun in there. And the neighborhood has clearly spoken: Re:Public is a hit.