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None of the visual cues in this South Lake Union hot spot scream “gastronomic destination”—not the big bar, nor the bar scene, nor the bar big screens, nor the generic brick-wall-and-exposed-ductwork decor. But then your food arrives, and it’s brave, with the courage of its flavor convictions—smoky anchovy tartines, deep-fried pig’s tail with mustard, a pungent oxtail ragù over fresh pappardelle—and you realize that Re:public is actually a restaurant first. The young owners (from Kell’s, Post, and Mission) were determined to bring farm-to-table dining and a European aesthetic to their dining room—which they’ve done, with careful execution and underpricing to boot. And killer Italian desserts.

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Brunch, Dessert, Dinner, Happy Hour, Late Night, Lunch
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