Opening Dispatch(es)

2 Restaurant Openings Are Happening This Weekend

Former chef de cuisine for Thierry Rautureau debuts Petite Galerie, a French-influence brasserie in Madison Valley. Over in Belltown, Babirusa is reborn in l...

03/16/2018 By Rosin Saez

In the Kitchen

Meet the Shopkeeper: Marine Area 7

The world's most photogenic cooking store is in Madison Valley.

02/16/2015 By Jeremy Buben

Weekly Planner

Nosh Pit Weekly Planner: July 10–16

A rocking wine tasting, a lakeside clambake, and the largest riesling event in the United States.

07/08/2013 By Brianna Lantz

C'est La Vie

Bastille Bash in Madison Valley

Find your inner Francophile at Madison Valley's afternoon Bastille Day celebration and sidewalk sale.

06/25/2013 By Amanda Zurita

Designer Spotlight

Behind the Scenes: Scout Seattle

Ben Masters keeps design aesthetics top of mind with his outdoor equipment brand Scout Seattle. Got a dad who likes to hike in style?

06/10/2013 By Kirby Ellis


Bastille Day Bash + River Song Jewelry Sale

Eat, drink, and shop (all for a good cause) during Madison Valley’s street festival this Saturday.

07/13/2012 By Seattle Met Staff


Sale: River Song

Here’s when you should go to Madison Valley, and why.

09/27/2011 By Laura Cassidy

Afternoon Snack

Nosh Pit’s Afternoon Snack Break

We interrupt this workday to tantalize you with some delicious local treat. Today: Luc’s souffle potato crisps.

05/17/2011 By Jessica Voelker

Behind the Bar

Five Questions for the Bartender: Kevin Lilley

Bottleneck’s drinkslinger knows your name.



Are You Already Thinking About This Weekend’s Brunch?

No shame in it. Let’s talk options.

02/11/2011 By Jessica Voelker


Voila! Bistrot and Its Burger-Centric Lunch

Outside of a burger shack, this might be the beefiest repast out there.

02/09/2011 By Christopher Werner


Seattle Happy Hour News

Cheap karaoke at Rock Box, Luc suspends late-night HH, and more.


The Top 10 New Dishes of 2010

The #2 New Dish of 2010: Luc’s Souffle Potato Crisps

Three times fried. Enough said.

12/30/2010 By Christopher Werner

The Best Part of Waking Up

What’s on Luc’s Brunch Menu

Here’s what the Mad Valley bistro is cooking Sunday mornings.

11/01/2010 By Christopher Werner


A Quick Shout-Out to Rover’s, Celebrating 23 Years

The restaurant hosts an eight-course meal to mark the occasion.

09/28/2010 By Christopher Werner


Meet the Shopkeeper: Canopy Blue

It’s a boho summer on Madison Street

07/23/2010 By Kelly Robinson


New Venture for Voilà! Bistrot Owner

Laurent Gabrel will bring a seafood-focused restaurant to Laurelhurst this summer.

04/29/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Bill the Butcher to Open in Madison Valley

The new local chain of neighborhood butcher shops announces a fourth location.

03/30/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Openings/Special Dinners

A Four-Course Dinner at Rover’s for $49?

Chef Thierry Rautureau opens his casual new Mad Valley bistro Luc in April. Sample the food today.

03/09/2010 By Caitlin King