Sale: River Song

Here’s when you should go to Madison Valley, and why.

By Laura Cassidy September 27, 2011

The world comes to Seattle at River Song where owner River Burke is frequently found handcrafting delicate New World accessories with ancient-feeling amulets and rubies and black chalcedony.

-When you might not want to visit the business district of Madison Valley: Monday September 26 through Friday, September 30.

-Why: A massive reroute of traffic due to a closure at MLK Drive is likely to make the area a total zoo.

-When to absolutely head to Madison Valley shops: Tuesday, October 4 through Saturday Oct 8

Why: The gals at River Song are going to reinvent their already gorgeous little world and locally sourced shop during the construction, and then have their first ever big sale to welcome you back afterward.

Spring and summer River Song jewelry—think: meaningful, handpicked gems on delicate silk linen threads, narrative amulets from mystical places, small batch/small silhouette earrings, and lovely bracelets—will be 40 percent off; fun rugs, bags, decor items, and more—the textural, handmade, fairly traded treasures that owner River Burke brings home from her travels and makes us all insanely jealous of her job and lifestyle—will be 25 percent off.

Of course, Burke and the area’s other business owners want you to know that they will be open during the road closure—they say there will be parking on side streets and we know that, for example, Lavender Heart and Vian Hunter will be serving champagne and offering ten percent off—but just be sure you’ve got some time and patience on your hands if you’re planning to brave the traffic tangle.

Whether you steer clear of the construction zone or not, be sure to visit afterwards. Sales like this one don’t happen often, and River Song’s mostly one-of-a-kind offerings are already rare opportunities.

A map of the Madison Valley detour (Monday September 26 through Friday, September 30).

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