The Top 10 New Dishes of 2010

The #2 New Dish of 2010: Luc’s Souffle Potato Crisps

Three times fried. Enough said.

By Christopher Werner December 30, 2010

Luc's souffle crisps. Oh yes.

2010 was a biggie for restaurant openings in Seattle. Nosh Pit looks back on the year with a survey of new standout foods we couldn’t stop talking about.

In August, when Kathryn Robinson did her thing at Luc, she dubbed these golden beauts the best appetizers in the city. They’re souffle potato crisps—think puffy French fries—made with taters that are blanched, then cooled, and fried three times.

If that last bit about the frying didn’t have you, consider that Robinson also refers to the chips as “little miracles” with “moist, almost creamy interiors and impossibly crispy crusts.”

A basket of the crisps comes with dipping sauce and costs $8.50.

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