Opening Dispatch

Intermezzo Carmine Opens Today in Pioneer Square

Il Terrazzo Carmine's sibling cocktail bar has cicchetti, plenty of amaro, and an outdoor fireplace.

06/16/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Oeno Files

A Rocking Release from Winemaking Supergroup Charles and Charles

Most supergroups will gouge you with ticket prices, but this one delivers the year's best value wine yet.

06/12/2014 By Sean P. Sullivan

Opening Dispatch

Damn the Weather Is Imminent in Pioneer Square

Duck hot dogs. Spot prawn crudo. A rum and coke for the discerning farmer.

06/12/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Behind Bars

Five Questions for the Bartender: Sun Liquor’s Eli Hetrick

"Honestly, how often do you just want to draw Angostura penises on top of your sours? Come on."

06/09/2014 By Caroline Ferguson

Wait, What?

Bellevue Brewing Company Debuts Medina Malt Liquor

The brewery's summer seasonal offers a history lesson on this oft-misunderstood beverage.

06/05/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Izakaya Edition

Ramen. Beer. Sushi. Sake. Kampai!

05/29/2014 By Sara Hendrickson

Hopped Up

San Francisco Beer Bar Toronado Is Expanding to Seattle

With 40 taps, "unhealthy farm-to-table food", and a fixture from Seattle's beer scene at the helm.

05/28/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Bar Watch

Schilling Cider House Is Coming to Fremont

One of the familiar faces in Seattle cider is opening a bar that's part tasting room, part cider library.

05/21/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Oeno Files

Washington's Négociant-Style Wines: Quality and Value

Few have mastered this quite like Trey Busch's Renegade Wine Co. and Modern Wine Project. Drinking these bottles feels a little like stealing.

05/08/2014 By Sean P. Sullivan

Expansion Mode

Oliver's Twist Expands to Magnolia

This seems like a lovely match.

05/07/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Hopped Up

Per Usual, Seattle Beer Week Has Some Amazing Events

Celebrity cats, Skee Ball tournaments, and crock pot cookoffs. Oh yeah, and there's tons of beer.

05/07/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

On the Menu

More Details on the Menu at Damn the Weather

Details involving "active garnishes" and a gentleman by the name of Jay Kuehner.

05/01/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Bonnets Up

Five Destinations for Derby Day Drinking

It's not every day you get to wear a fancy hat and quaff mint juleps at noon. Here's where to watch the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby this Saturday.

04/30/2014 By Caroline Ferguson

Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Around the World

From India to France, Puerto Rico, and Greece...all with drink specials.

04/25/2014 By Jekeva Phillips

Behind Bars

Five Questions for the Bartender: Witness's Richy Rivera

All his stories of questionable bar behavior seem to involve limes.

04/24/2014 By Jeremy Novak

Oeno Files

A Weeknight Wine Pick from Vino Verite's Dave Egan

An unconventional blend of mourvèdre, grenache and cab that goes great with a juicy grilled burger.

04/23/2014 By Jekeva Phillips

Oeno Files

A Weeknight Wine Pick from Leschi Market's Ken Benner

A dry, French-style rosé with a bursting acidity and a weeknight-friendly alcohol level.

04/16/2014 By Jekeva Phillips

Oeno Files

Rhone-Style Wines Are on the Rise in Washington

This collection of grapes drive some of the state's most compelling wines. Here are 10 bottles that demonstrate what all the fuss is about.

04/10/2014 By Sean P. Sullivan


New Owners and a New Chapter for the Admiral Benbow

The neighborhood landmark is becoming a "legit West Seattle music venue" with equally legit craft cocktails.

04/09/2014 By Allecia Vermillion