Prepare yourself.

The news unrolled in bits and bursts over the long weekend: Matt Bonney, a longtime face of Brouwer's and the Burgundian is opening a Seattle sibling to San Francisco's most hallowed of beer bars, Toronado. He's signed a lease in the Roosevelt neighborhood at 1205 NE 65th Street, most recently the home of another beer bar, Mutiny Hall (RIP).

It seems Bonney was let go from his former post after 15 years. He says it was the push he needed to call Toronado owner David Keene, a longtime friend, and propose a Seattle outpost. And so Toronado Seattle should open its doors by August. Bonney promises 40 taps and a mix of attributes from the no-frills 27-year-old original in the Lower Haight and the newer, more laid back Toronado in San Diego, plus his own imprint.

"It will have a lot of Matt Bonney charm as far as music and beer and oddity art," he says. And a lot of meat. Bonney is envisioning charcuterie and some whole-animal butchery rather than typical bar food. "We won't do a lot of deep fried food," he says. "Maybe we'll deep fry some head cheese. It's unhealthy farm-to-table food."

Unlike its siblings, Toronado Seattle will have a full bar, with an especially ample supply of bourbon, tequila, and scotch. Keep tabs on Toronado Seattle's progress on its Facebook page and Twitter.



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