Why Not, It's Friday

A Celeb Sighting at Cupcake Royale

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams pop into the Capitol Hill cupcakery. Photographs ensue.

09/28/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Cut-and-Paste Friday

This Might Be Your Last Weekend to Eat Ice Cream

Here are five chills-inducing destinations for the waning days of summer.

09/14/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

This Washington

Fizz Follow-Up: Cupcake Royale Raised $7,000 in June to Support Gay Marriage

In June, Cupcake Royale raised $7,000 for the gay marriage initiative.

07/13/2012 By Josh Feit

Morning Fizz

Cupcake Royale Owner Sets Up Political Action Committee to Support Gay Marriage

Caffeinated News & Gossip starring: Jody Hall, Darcy Burner, Maurreen Judge, and an arena forum.

07/13/2012 By Morning Fizz

Sugar Highs

Cupcake Royale Readies its Ice Cream Menu

Founder Jody Hall isn’t messing around; she even brought in help from Portland’s Salt and Straw.

06/28/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Food News Roundup

Neighborhood Food News: Rooftop Garden Tours in Ballard, Honest Biscuits Branches Out

Plus: A presidential tweet to Cupcake Royale’s Jody Hall, Wheeler Street Kitchen for sale, and more.

06/06/2012 By Brandon L. Bye

Action Items

Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

This week: Ballard gets a new candy shop, another eatery for the Armory, and the Chocolate Box welcomes a new neighbor.

06/01/2012 By Rachel Walls


Downtown Molly Moon’s Closes; Cupcake Royale Moves In

108 Pine Street makes way for "the most amazing transformation in the history of chocolate."

05/31/2012 By Christopher Werner

Action Items

Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

This week: Two new food trucks are on the road, Stowell slices are just around the corner, and more.

04/13/2012 By Anne Larkin


Molly Moon’s Downtown Shop to Shutter

With Cupcake Royale taking over the storefront at 108 Pine Street, the ice cream purveyor is getting the boot.

04/06/2012 By Christopher Werner

St. Patrick's Day 2012

St. Patrick’s Day: It’s About Food, Too

Eat responsibly on this drinking-est of holidays.

03/13/2012 By Jessie Wesley

City Hall

Songs About the Internet

01/14/2010 By Chris Kissel

Food Finds

Taste of the Town

Cupcake Royale’s Jody Hall takes a break from harvesting wheat to share her favorite Seattle food finds.

09/15/2009 By Kristin Cordova

They open, they close

Meet the New Cupcake Royale

Cap Hill Store opens today. But if you can’t get there, look here.

07/22/2009 By Jessica Voelker

Openings and Closings

Your Move, Trophy. Cupcake Royale opens new Cap Hill Location.

Swing by for free mini cupcakes on Wednesday, July 22.

07/10/2009 By Jessica Voelker


Cupcake Trials