Why Not, It's Friday

A Celeb Sighting at Cupcake Royale

Jason Segel and Michelle Williams pop into the Capitol Hill cupcakery. Photographs ensue.

By Allecia Vermillion September 28, 2012

A slightly mustachioed Segel does a photo op with Cupcake Royale employees. Photo via Cupcake Royale.

Boy, am I behind on the great issues of the day. I had no idea Muppet-loving actor Jason Segel, of How I Met Your Mother and various big-screen hilarities, is dating Michelle Williams, who has been in highly legit films like Brokeback Mountain and received multiple Oscar nominations but will always be Jen from Dawson's Creek in my book.

It seems the two are in Seattle and stopped into the Capitol Hill location of Cupcake Royale on Wednesday for a salted caramel cupcake and a latte (no ice cream?). They are reportedly in town visiting friends.

Here is photographic proof: Segel with Royale employees Aharona Jones and Jessica Gregory. Eater Seattle says the couple hit up Artusi as well.

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