Today's picks:

I don't usually get to do this, but I figured since the events sync up so perfectly, and they're both about getting your civic knowledge on, I'd recommend them both for tonight:

1. “Parliament” is the Washington Bus’s every-once-in-a-while, free, all-ages shindig. It’s partly a free hip-hop show, featuring Brothers From Another, an old-school style rap group whose members are in high school, and State of the Artist, DIY masters and head-nod inspirers. There will also be free cupcakes from Cupcake Royale.

But the real radness is the fact that the event is really an Olympia advocacy meet-up fest (hence the name). Tomorrow night’s deal is focused on the environment, and representatives of the Washington Conservation Voters and Environmental Priorities Coalition will provide info on their 2010 state legislative priorities. The Bus, like the tech-savvy hooligans they are, will be taping testimonials by Parliament-goers on what they want to go down in Olympia this year. Then they’re taking the videos down to Oly.

Tonight, at the Vera Project, at 7:30. Free.

2. Then, if you can scoot over fast enough, go see Josh and Erica interview City Attorney Pete Holmes at Town Hall’s brand-new Public House Bar. J&E have already said they’re going to ask Holmes about his campaign promise to publish his legal opinions.

But, of course, there’s more where that came from, so if you’re worried about the future of Good Neighbor Agreements, or the repercussions of Holmes’ recent decision to fire more than a dozen attorneys (including former criminal division head Bob Hood), or how the criminal misdemeanor system will approach issues like mental health or homelessness, or anything else, I suggest you come and ask.

At Town Hall, at 8:45 tonight. Free.

On tomorrow's calendar:

1. The Northwest Film Forum is screening Rebel Without a Cause tomorrow. I've never seen the movie, but I've always wanted to—teen melodrama, '50s suburban anxiety, and, oh yeah, James Dean, complementing all his yelling and beating up on his dad with a so-cold-it's-cool stare.


Friday night would be the night to see it, because not only is NWFF screening it, but screenwriter Stewart Stern is going to talk about the making of the movie beforehand. I'm not super familiar with Stern's work, but I do know that he also wrote The Ugly American—a 1963 movie in which a character played by Marlon Brando has to confront the nature of U.S. intervention in Southeast Asia. He also teaches classes at UW and Seattle U.

Northwest Film Forum (1515 12th Ave.), at 8 pm. Tickets are $9.

The NWFF is also having a filmmaking workshop with Stern on Saturday, during which he'll stop the film to give background on certain scenes. That event is $30, and runs from noon to 3 pm on Saturday.

2. The City's web site calls what the Public Safety Civil Service Commission does "a quasi-judicial process for hearings on appeals concerning disciplinary actions, examination and testing, and other related issues"—basically, a citizen panel for police and fire department misconduct cases.

The three-member Commission (one member, a retired police officer, appointed by the Mayor; one, a lawyer, appointed by the City Council, and one, a current police officer, by the Police Officers Guild) is holding a meeting tomorrow, for a hearing session and to talk about their 2010 budget.

Tomorrow morning at 10 am, in Suite 1679 of the Seattle Municipal Tower.

3. The Marty Riemer Funny Festival is a big ol' stand-up comedy show, six years running, that features a couple of actors who were on Dave Chappelle's show (Bill Burr and Christian Finnegan, both of whom make a lot of jokes about how much is sucks to be married), Jeff Garlin (from "Curb Your Enthusiasm"), and Nick Thune (a Seattle native who sings songs about the Internet). Marty Riemer, if you don't know, is a local radio personality who got fired from 103.7 The Mountain last year when the station decided not to renew his contract.

Also, a bunch of the proceeds go to the Humane Society, so if that alleviates some of the sticker shock for you, there's that.

Tomorrow night at 8 pm, at the Paramount Theater. Tickets are $38-$60.

4. Jaguar Love is an awesome, crazy band. Raised from the ashes of the Blood Brothers, a hardcore band I didn't like, they are fast punk, synth fist shaking, with a singer singing so fast and high it sounds like his lungs might explode.


Also, I love the Vera Project. I love it. But if there's one thing that's kinda boring about seeing a show at Vera, it's that you feel like half the people around you are about to fall asleep. I don't foresee that being a problem tomorrow night.

With Slender Means, Nazca Lines, and Blood Cells. Tomorrow night at 7:30 pm. Tickets are $6-$9