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1. Late last month, Cupcake Royale owner Jody Hall set up a political committee to support R-74, the referendum on gay marriage; supporting the referendum means you're for the gay marriage law the legislature passed in February.

There's already four other political committees registered in support of the law, though just one of them, Washington's United for Marriage (which has raised more than $2 million), is running the big pro-side campaign.

However, Hall's committee, simply called Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee, lists a full-on campaign manager and treasurer.

Hall said she'll get back to Fizz later today to fill us in on her plans. The brand new committee hasn't reported any contributions yet.

There's one committee on the "No" side, Preserve Marriage Washington, which has raised $142,000. They are being backed by the national anti-gay marriage group, National Organization for Marriage, which has contributed $10,000 so far.

2. Lefty 1st Congressional District candidate Darcy Burner has a Google ad that says: "Most members of Congress are millionaires who have no idea what life is like 4 people like us."

Occupy Congress, Darcy!

One thing, though: Burner's appeal would have more cred if her own personal financial disclosure statement—she made $100,000 last year and doesn't have a job this year— didn't show that her net worth is nearly $2 million at the high end and $750,000 at the low end. (Both figures drop by between $250,000 and $500,000 if you subtract the construction costs on her fourth piece of property, according to her filing).[pullquote]Her populist appeal would have more cred if her own personal financial disclosure statement didn't show that her net worth is nearly $2 million.[/pullquote]

Of course, her main rival, Suzan DelBene reports a net worth of $53 million. The true 99 Percenter in the race, though the most conservative of the Democratic contenders, is state Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-44, Lake Stevens), who's net worth looks a lot more like yours and mine.

3. We missed this bit of campaign trail news: Earlier this week, Maureen Judge, the Democratic state senate candidate in the 41st Legislative District, who's challenging Republican incumbent Steve Litzow (R-41, Mercer Island), picked up a batch of local firefighter endorsements. The Bellevue Firefighters, the Renton Firefighters, and in Litzow's own backyard, the Mercer Island Firefighters, who had endorsed Litzow in 2010, endorsed Judge.

4. Hold the date: PubliCola is hosting a forum on the arena proposal—July 30 in Capitol Hill.

More details to come.
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