Cut-and-Paste Friday

This Might Be Your Last Weekend to Eat Ice Cream

Here are five chills-inducing destinations for the waning days of summer.

By Allecia Vermillion September 14, 2012

 Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

The woman who inspired Seattleites to brave Space Mountain–style lines for a scoop of honey lavender, and who proudly touts her products’ 19 percent–-butterfat makeup, is busy turning the space next to her Capitol Hill store into a workshop for devising new flavors and toppings and teaching ice-cream-making classes. Founder Molly Moon Neitzel is also scouting locations for two new stores in early 2013. Find seasonal flavors like watermelon sorbet and roasted apricots and cream at Molly Moon’s four shops, the company’s turquoise event-roving ice cream truck, and a new tricycle that frequents the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

Cupcake Royale

Founder Jody Hall has added ice cream to her cupcake empire in a major way (with some guidance from a friend who happens to own Portland’s Salt and Straw ice creameries). As of July, four locations—Ballard, Bellevue, Capitol Hill, and a new downtown shop—are scooping 14 housemade flavors into cones, sundaes, and milkshakes. Some are cupcake-inspired, like the whiskey maple bacon crack (made with Woodinville Whiskey, bacon from Zoe’s Meats, and no actual crack). Others are straight-up chunks of actual cupcakes, floating through a complementary ice cream flavor. The Madrona and West Seattle locations get pints and ice cream sandwiches. 

Bluebird Microcreamery and Brewery

Capitol Hill’s cheery basement rec room of board games and ice cream hatched two new locations last fall. While the decor is, um, minimal, the new Fremont and Greenwood storefronts have the full menu of flavors (snickerdoodle, I can’t quit you), toppings, shakes, and waffle cones. Yes, board games, too. The Greenwood outpost has begun brewing up its own craft sodas for floats, as well as stronger stuff like dessert-style beers flavored with chocolate or coconut for more adult ice cream concoctions.

Mora Iced Creamery

The Argentinian-born couple behind Bainbridge’s newly remodeled destination ice cream store hopes their flavors will eventually make their way to Seattle, but for now a scoop of Swiss chocolate or the namesake Mora blackberry requires a ferry ride, a trip to the other stores in Kingston and Poulsbo, or an overnight online order. Friendly scoopers will gladly feed you—and that lineup behind you—enough samples to make up for the boat fare. Mora prides itself on having relatively low butterfat levels of about 6 percent, letting flavors come through as pure and clear as sound carrying over the water on a summer night.

Full Tilt Ice Cream

A new Ballard location means another place to marvel at owner Justin Cline’s peculiar but brilliant formula: pinball plus beer plus ice cream. Cline takes his game selection as seriously as his flavors, which can vary from Vietnamese cinnamon to mango chili to root beer (bonus points for vegan flavors that aren’t lame). A visit to any of Full Tilt’s four locations will probably feature a raucous soundtrack, a short but solid beer list, and the incessant plingplingpling of arcade games. Really, it’s more “world’s most wholesome dive bar” than “treacly sweet shop.”

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