Commander in Cheese

Election-Inspired Novelty Foodstuffs

We're over the debates and overbearing ads, but expressing your political beliefs by eating? Perfect. Check out efforts by Seattle bakeries, bars, and breweries to add a tasty spin to the electoral proceedings.

By Danielle Zorn October 30, 2012


The President's road to re-election has been long, a bit rocky at times, but the ice cream version is pretty sweet.
Image: Molly Moon's

Well, fellow Americans, we are down to the final week. And the culmination of campaigns, slogans, and nasty commercials couldn't have come sooner. As Election Day looms, many eateries around town are rolling out politically inspired foods, such as Molly Moon's Baracky Road ice cream, or a locally brewed batch of White House honey ale, which inspired a Freedom of Information Act request for the recipe. Although you might notice a lack of Romney-tinis in the slide show above, the message is the same everywhere: Mail in that ballot and make sure you vote.

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