Molly Moon’s Downtown Shop to Shutter

With Cupcake Royale taking over the storefront at 108 Pine Street, the ice cream purveyor is getting the boot.

By Christopher Werner April 6, 2012

The Molly Moon’s at 108 Pine Street is closing.

Cupcake Royale is moving in at 108 Pine, with a new line of ice creams in tow. The current occupant of the address, The Chocolate Box, will reportedly continue to operate in a smaller space next door. But what does the move spell for Molly Moon’s, which last summer opened an ice cream counter there?

“That means we have to shut down,” confirmed a disheartened Molly Moon Neitzel Friday morning. Neitzel said she envisioned operating at the location for ten years, if not more, and had known for awhile that some shakeups were in order. “I tried to work something out so I could stay in that space,” she continued, but Cupcake Royale owner Jody Hall was intent on making her own ice cream. Neitzel wasn’t sure when the closure will happen.

All’s not lost for Neitzel, however. There’s that Capitol Hill expansion, for one, and she hopes to establish a downtown presence elsewhere. Also on the horizon is a partnership with Trophy Cupcakes. Neitzel and the local confectioner have been in talks since last summer and are looking to unveil their collaboration soon.

So, Cupcake Royale is getting into ice cream. And ice cream purveyor Molly Moon’s is getting into cupcakes. Got it?

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