Seattle Toque One of Food and Wine’s 2010 Best New Chefs

Jason Stratton Makes the Big 10.

04/06/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Openings and Closings

More on Txori’s Closure

Will the Basque restaurant relocate?

04/01/2010 By Christopher Werner

Taste Tests!

Healeo’s "Amazing" $1 Coffee

The Cap Hill vitamin shop makes a bold claim about its drip. But does it pass the taste test?


$4 Food Find

Cheap Date: Baguette

Seats or no seats, the new banh mi stand is worth a visit.

03/31/2010 By Christopher Werner

Free Food Finds

This Thursday: Free El Diablo Dessert at Tango

The tapas bar celebrates its tenth anniversary by giving away servings of its signature dessert.

03/30/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Bar Bashes

The Saint Turns Two

and would like to celebrate with you.


Happy Hour

Happy Hour of the Week: Unicorn

"Oh, do not ask, ‘What is it?’ Let us go and make our visit." —T. S. Eliot


Books & Talks

Shed one Final Tear for Elliott Bay Book Company

…with the director of Basic Instinct and Showgirls.

03/30/2010 By Christopher Werner

$10 Food Find

Dumplings at Dumpling Dojo

$10 buys you five jumbo meat parcels, seared to order.

03/29/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Oeno Files

Free Port Party Tonight on the Hill, Virtual Merlot Tasting in Cyberspace.

Ports and Pairings at Barca. Poco and Local Vine get in on a twitter-based merlot event.


The Weekend Starts...Now.

Met Pick: Velocity Dance Center’s Reopening Party

The "very heart of dance in Seattle" has a new beat, starting Saturday.

03/25/2010 By Laura Dannen

Oeno Files

Free Tasting Right Now! Sauvignons at 12th and Olive.

Stock up on some wine, watch this hilarious Youtube clip.


Wedding Wednesday

Social Calendar

Four events to consider adding to your wedding planning itinerary.

03/17/2010 By Laura Cassidy

Recommendation of the Week

Free Fries

…and other good news from Pike Street Fish Fry.

03/16/2010 By Christopher Werner

What's in Store

Where to Find It: Made in the Shade

Dawn Bassett wants to cover your light bulbs with something non-toxic, traditionally built, and fabulous

03/16/2010 By Laura Cassidy


Two New Specialty Shops Set to Open in the Melrose Project

First-time business owners bring artisanal touches to the urban marketplace.

03/11/2010 By Tiffany Wan

Food Finds

Taste of the Town: Linda Derschang

Want to get in good with Cap Hill’s coolest lady? Then stock up on cookies and Dick’s cheeseburgers.

03/09/2010 By Caitlin King

Parties with Food (is there any other kind?)

Chicken Coop Potluck on Capitol Hill

Learn the ins and outs of raising your own chickens at The Cherry Hill Urban Farm on Saturday, March 6.

03/05/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Cheap Date: Roast Chicken for Two

You’ll have to wait an hour for the feast, but this Cafe Presse specialty is worth it.

03/04/2010 By Christopher Werner