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Glo’s on Capitol Hill Goes Late Night

After plans for a second restaurant fall through, owners of the iconic diner opt for new weekend hours.

By Christopher Werner August 30, 2010

Capitol Hill scores another late-night destination: Glo’s.

More proof Capitol Hill is taking the cake when it comes to late-night grubbing. This weekend, Glo’s is set to cater to the buzzed barhop crowd.

Starting September 3, and every Friday and Saturday thereafter, the Olive Way diner is shifting its weekend hours to midnight-4pm. (Yup, PM. Take that, Night Kitchen.) Early AM eaters can expect the same menu they’d find during normal-people hours, says Julie Reisman, one of three owners, but shouldn’t come looking for boozy breakfast bevs. Reisman did note she’s hoping to eventually take the new hours seven days a week. If that happens, the Glo’s management will likely apply for a liquor license.

The idea to go late-night came when plans for opening a second location fell through, Reisman said. Hopes for another diner fizzled when it became apparent the capital needed to purchase and subsequently use the Glo’s name just wasn’t there, she elaborated.

The nano-sized eater’s icon—long considered home to the best eggs benny in town—tried to go late-night 20 years ago but hasn’t since adopted night-owl hours.

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