New bars abound, so get drinking.

1. Someone I know compared the back bar at Big Mario’s on Capitol Hill to Rendezvous in Belltown. That’s because both places make you feel like you’re safe inside a dark, boozy hug.

2. When you want that swingy, swanky feeling—sometimes you just do—try the lounge at new(ish) Sullivan’s Steakhouse downtown. Go on a Thursday evening, when the lounge invites in free musical acts and charges $5 for cocktails.

3. The new Suite 410 is giving away free snacks with your drinks at happy hour. There’s really no arguing with that.

4. You can’t go yet, but when Matt Janke opens Lecosho, we’re all going to want to check out that bar. Janke promises me he’ll let me know who is managing the booze as soon as he can, I can’t wait to find out.

5. This weekend I stopped in to check out Japonessa, the new sushi spot in the former Union digs at 1st and Union. You have to check your Union nostalgia at the door—this place has a whimsical (in a Target way) aesthetic and a somewhat cheesy vibe all around, but it’s happy hour more often than its not at Japonessa, and they have Sapporo on tap. Forget high-end iconic eatery, this is a place for cheap eats and too many drinks.

6. Since it opened a few months back, June in Madrona has been quietly evolving into the perfect neighborhood restaurant—the kind that can actually make a cocktail. Plus there is an incredible happy hour (5 to 7pm, Monday through Friday). Order morels stuffed with whatever they’re stuffing them with. You won’t be sorry.

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