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The manly chophouse decor of the old Union Square Grill has been given second life in this Seattle branch of a national steakhouse chain big on chipper tableside service, focus-groupy crowdpleasers (breaded calamari with sweet chili glaze, egg rolls stuffed with cheesesteak), and the full complement of steaks and chops. As steakhouses go it’s not hugely pricey and portions are sane. That said, this ain’t no foodie’s steakhouse, cowboy: this one’s for junior execs plotting corner-office overthrows over two-martini lunches…and how ’bout the microminiskirt on that hostess!

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Sullivan's Steakhouse

621 Union St, Seattle, WA, 98101
Downtown Seattle  •  206-494-4442
Lunch Mon–Fri 11am–3pm <br /> Dinner Mon–Sat 5pm–11pm <br> Sun 5pm–10pm