The Melrose Market Street Festival takes place September 12. Photo courtesy Eagle Rock Ventures.

If that headline didn’t have you hook, line, and sinker, consider the other reasons to hightail it to Melrose Market for its inaugural street festival September 12:

The whole gastro gang will be there—Homegrown, Calf and Kid, Marigold and Mint, Rain Shadow Meats—fixing their sammies, cheeses, produce, and meats. While Dillon does his thing behind the grill (squee!), reps from his other M-squared post, Bar Ferd’nand, are slated to sling drinks alongside basement bar Still Liquor. And a beer garden will be set up along the closed-off Pike/Pine byway, with proceeds from that benefitting Seattle Tilth.

The party announcement comes hot off two other food-centric neighborhood bashes, South Lake Union and the 12th Avenue Neighborhood Fest —here’s to hoping we don’t see them wane with the warm weather—and hot off The New York Times confessing its crush on the market.

You and me both, NYT.

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