This Thursday, Mexico celebrates 200 years of independence.

The least you could do is have a drink.

September 14, 2010

The Saint celebrates Mexican independence with food specials and all-night happy hour.

This Thursday, September 16, Mexico celebrates the 200th anniversary of its independence.

That’s right, Mexico’s independence is not celebrated on Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is the day, in 1862, when the Mexican army beat the invading French army at Pueblo. If you go to other regions of Mexico that are not Pueblo and ask people if they are excited for Cinco de Mayo, they’ll say no they are not excited. Because Cinco de Mayo is mostly a regional holiday. September 16, however, is the one. It was on that day in 1810 that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla cried his famous cry for independence from Spain.

Now. Two hundred years of independence is a big deal. A call for celebration. A wonderful excuse to head to the Saint on Capitol Hill, which will offer happy hour food and drink discounts all night. There will be shots of Hidalgo—tequila, lime, sugar—to honor the man who started it all. Other deals: shrimp diablo and a margarita for $9, and enchiladas and a margarita for $16.

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