The HG Lodge
Photo: HG Lodge

Tomorrow night—Wednesday, September 1—the Stranger is hosting an event called Seattle’s Nightlife Throwdown at the Hunter Gatherer Lodge. (You may also refer to it as the HG Lodge, if you are so inclined.)

In attendance will be mayor McGinn, along with the president of the Seattle Nightlife and Music Initiative, the Liquor Control Board’s policy director, and Dave Meinert —who owns the Five Point Cafe and is a Seattle nightlife spokesperson as well as a perennial Stranger favorite.

This is an important opportunity if you want to be part of the conversation surrounding myriad Seattle nightlife issues, which include but are not limited to: liquor privatization (remember that two privatization initiatives, 1110 and 1105, will be on the ballot in November), staggered closing times for bars, and public safety.

The event is free and starts at 8pm.

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