Five Questions for the Bartender: Chelsea Anderson

Sun Liquor’s leading lady likes eating food and trying new beers. She doesn’t like naked dudes at the bar.

12/02/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Hawaiian Food: It’s What to Eat Right Now

The uptick in island-inspired fare continues with Pau Hana.

11/30/2010 By Christopher Werner


Rethinking The Opportunities At Capitol Hill Station

I can't be the only one who thinks that the current plan for future transit-oriented development at the Capitol Hill light rail station leaves something to be desired, can I?

11/17/2010 By Dan Bertolet

Street Eatin'

Pai’s Parks on Broadway. For Real This Time.

After having to put off last week’s Cap Hill launch, the new food truck starts serving the Pike/Pine set.

11/17/2010 By Christopher Werner


Beauty at the Beast

Old World finery takes a magical culinary tour at Capitol Hill restaurant La Bête.

11/15/2010 By Kathryn Robinson

Celebrity Sightings

David Beckham Dined on Rabbit Meatballs at Spinasse

He also ate tagliatelle with pork and duck caramelle, among other items.

11/12/2010 By Christopher Werner

Cheap Eats

Po Dog Celebrates One Year with $1 Hot Dogs

The cheapies happen on Sunday, November 14.

11/11/2010 By Christopher Werner

Food News Roundup

The Weekly Food File: Din Tai Fung Opening, Serious Pie II, and More

Food news you should know about.

11/11/2010 By Lindsey Hall

Street Eatin'

A Piece of Pai’s for Capitol Hill (Updated)

The new food truck parks on Broadway.

11/09/2010 By Christopher Werner


Capitol Hill Gets Another Late-Nightish Pit Stop

The Other Coast Cafe serves sandwiches until midnight on Pike.

11/08/2010 By Christopher Werner


Weekend Sipping: New Cocktails Around The Town

Fall menus debut at three superior Seattle drinks destinations.



It’s Taco Tuesday at Licorous

$1 tacos until 10pm or the bar runs out.

11/02/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Another Halloween Happening For Your Consideration

Vermillion’s dance party should be good.



Yet Another Reason Bon Appétit Loves Seattle: Spinasse Pasta

The Capitol Hill restaurant is "about as close to Piedmont, Italy, as you’ll get without a passport."

10/21/2010 By Christopher Werner


Skillet Makes Capitol Hill Diner Official

The roving restaurant is set to go brick-and-mortar at 14th and Union.

10/18/2010 By Christopher Werner


Olive Way Starbucks Reopens

The company brings its third "enhanced" store to Capitol Hill.


Supper Club

Now on the Menu at Volunteer Park Cafe: Sunday Supper

The Capitol Hill restaurant will host a feast every month.

10/14/2010 By Christopher Werner


Free Scrappy’s Bitters Tasting at 12th and Olive

Try some local concoctions this Thursday on Capitol Hill.



Weekend Plans: Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival

Pumpkin ales are an American original. Try 40 this weekend on Capitol Hill.



Free Fries Are Back At Pike Street Fish Fry

Friday, October 15: $2 pints and $0 frites on Capitol Hill.

10/12/2010 By Jessica Voelker