Marination Mobile Readies Eatery for Mid-April

The four-wheeled favorite will put down roots in the Harvard Market on Broadway and Pike.

By Christopher Werner March 3, 2011

Marination Mobile parks it’s first storefront on Capitol Hill.

It’s not news street food fixture Marination Mobile is going brick and mortar on Capitol Hill, but upon hearing chatter the unveil was to happen soon, we figured it time to check on the progress.

Co-owner Kamala Saxton estimates Marination Station will open in mid-April; the installation of kitchen equipment is slated for the beginning of that month. The 600-square-foot space will sling the same food that’s made M-squared a local (and national) favorite—“that’s been our bread and butter,” points out Saxton—in addition to a few new items. And, bonus, beer and wine. Expect outdoor seating, too.

Roadies who’ve taken to seeing Saxton and collab pal Roz Edison will have to head for the Hill. The duo is relinquishing most of the four-wheeled operations to their stalwart crew so as to focus on this new venture. Diehards need not fret: Saxton assured me that despite the walled surroundings, street food is at the heart of all Marination does.

Several blocks up another roving restaurant is prepping for permanence. Josh Henderson’s Skillet diner at 14th and Union also is expected to open in a matter of months. Check it, the first tiles are in.

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