New! Butter Home at Melrose Market

Small in space, but big in nostalgic charm.

By Katie Ormsby March 15, 2011


Just above the Calf and Kid there’s a new cozy little home decor shop in the Melrose MarketButter Home. It’s tiny and feels like you’re walking around your grandma’s attic, which in this case is a good thing.

The 366-square-feet of this in-the-rafters boutique offer a surprising array of woodsy furniture, tasteful dishware, vintage-inspired glassware, and funky knickknacks like scrap-metal flowers and decorative twine balls made from recycled newspaper. Owner Claire Corley tries to stock as many sustainable, local, handmade, and vintage pieces as the space allows.

Her love for all things old started early; her grandparents owned the San Francisco auction house Butterfields (now known as Bonhams & Butterfields) when she was growing up. In fact, that’s part of what inspired the name Butter Home.

The other part? ‘Well butter’s the best food,’ Corley explains with a smile. Get a peak around the shop as you click through the slideshow here.

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