Cure Is Where People Watchers Will Hang Out

The Broadway Building tenant makes the most of its location.

By Christopher Werner April 4, 2011

Let the creeping commence: new restaurant Cure will look out on Cal Anderson Park. Photo courtesy

True to what Jess Voelker posited when she first wrote about Cure, the noshery toeing Cal Anderson Park is to become a people-watching jackpot.

Last week I met owners Amy and Eric Haldane at the Nagle Place restaurant and bar. While construction is still very much underway, one (wise) design scheme was evident enough: windows. Large ones flank the entire length of the 750-square-foot sliver of a space, providing primo views of the always-eclectic Cal crowd and in particular, play field and tennis courts. Making for comfy creeping are the row of tables that will line this same wall. If you don’t plop it here, there’s a banquette at the butt of the restaurant (also surrounded by glass), and a lengthy bar that’s to seat some more as well as accommodate standing folk—you can set your drink or plate on neat little ledges. But basically views are to be had no matter where you are.

Think the Haldanes would consider keeping binocs on hand?

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