Critic’s Notebook

Huge Portions

Where to go when size matters.

04/02/2012 By Kathryn Robinson

Action Items

Restaurant Shifts and Shakeups

This week: Spring Hill surprised Seattle with a concept overhaul, Microsoft became home to the newest food truck pod, and Seattle Pie Company announced their...

02/03/2012 By Anne Larkin


Katsu Burger’s Mt. Fuji Mega Burger, Deconstructed

Chef Hajime Sato breaks down the Mt. Fuji Mega Burger at his Georgetown restaurant Katsu Burger.

01/26/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

Weekend Burger Satisfaction

Katsu Burger: Now Open on Saturdays

Enjoying these hefty Japanese sandwiches just got a lot easier.

01/24/2012 By Allecia Vermillion

On the Menu

A New Burger For Your Consideration

Marjorie beefs up its menu—but only ten of the patties are available each night.

12/05/2011 By Christopher Werner

Restaurant News

BuiltBurger is Closing

This week is your last chance to enjoy the Pioneer Square shop’s distinctive patties.

11/28/2011 By Allecia Vermillion


Slideshow: Inside Li’l Woody’s on Capitol Hill

Seattle’s newest burger biz is a late night, kid-friendly shack on Pine Street.

08/02/2011 By Christopher Werner


Updates On Openings of Li’l Woody’s and Blue Moon Burgers

Keep eating Dick’s, Capitol Hill. Your two new burger joints won’t open this month.

06/13/2011 By Jessica Voelker


Breaking Down Seattle’s New Burger Joints

Can’t tell one shack from another? Check out this handy guide.

03/24/2011 By Christopher Werner


Blue Moon Burgers Is Opening on Capitol Hill

The local burger biz takes up residency in the Joule Building.

03/16/2011 By Christopher Werner


Pick-Quick Opens in Auburn

The pride of Fife inches those legendary burgers just a leeeeettle bit closer to Seattle.

03/07/2011 By Kathryn Robinson


Voila! Bistrot and Its Burger-Centric Lunch

Outside of a burger shack, this might be the beefiest repast out there.

02/09/2011 By Christopher Werner

Openings/Burger Mania

Lunchbox Laboratory in South Lake Union Is Now Open

The burger shop settles into cushier quarters.

01/31/2011 By Christopher Werner

Late-Night Grub

For Your Weekend Consideration: A Late-Night Bite at Belltown’s Dope Burger

The new burger joint serves until 1:30am.

01/14/2011 By Christopher Werner


What Eateries Opened While You Were Out? Let’s Look

A burger shack, two pie shops, and a Vashon Island restaurateur turn on the lights.

01/04/2011 By Christopher Werner

Talk of Pioneer Square

Built Burger Open Late Tomorrow

So you can have the burger of your dreams for dinner…and park free.

12/08/2010 By Kathryn Robinson


Cheap Date: The Counter

You will never get bored with the menu at Ballard’s new burger joint. Pinky swear.

09/30/2009 By Nick Feldman


Comfort Food

In Seattle, we live in a permanent cloud of soggy gray chill, so naturally our sun-starved souls long for our favorite dishes in the coziest restaurants. We sampled macaroni and cheese, roast chicken, creamy puddings, and more in eateries all over town in

07/08/2009 With Steve Wiecking, Eric Scigliano, Laura Cassidy, and John Ferensen By Kathryn Robinson

Check the cover shot!

The Burgers We Love…

…the burgers we leave

05/26/2009 By Kathryn Robinson