Katsu Burger’s Mt. Fuji Mega Burger, Deconstructed

Chef Hajime Sato

By Allecia Vermillion January 26, 2012 Published in the February 2012 issue of Seattle Met

1. Ham, Pepper Jack Cheese
“It was really hard to find all-natural ham.”

2. Tonkatsu Sauce
Made in house. “I cannot tell you everything that’s in it, but it’s like barbecue sauce meets ketchup.”

3. Bacon, American Cheese

4. Shredded Cabbage
A traditional accompaniment to tonkatsu in Japan, it also adds more crunch than lettuce.

5. Beef
A panko-fried patty of grass-fed beef goes on top of the other meats because it’s smaller. “People ask if we can just do a plain burger patty, but then we end up becoming a regular burger shack.”

6. Cheddar Cheese

7. Wasabi Mayonnaise and Spicy Mayonnaise
Both are blended in Katsu Burger’s kitchen, using Japanese Shirakiku mayonnaise and recipes adapted from chef Sato’s sushi restaurant Mashiko. “Why two mayos? Because it’s a ridiculous burger.”

8. Tomatoes, Onions, and Pickles
These are traditional burger toppings. “In America it’s all about the burger. But still I’m translating something from Japan to here.”

9. Chicken and Pork
Naturally raised chicken breasts and pork cutlets are pounded flat. Each piece of meat is dipped in tempura batter, dredged in Japanese panko bread crumbs, then fried.

FIND IT: Katsu Burger
6538 Fourth Ave S, Georgetown,

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