Dining with Dad

Where to Dine Out This Father's Day Weekend

Caution: descriptions of hunger-inducing dry-aged cote de boeuf, fresh oysters, and whiskey pairings ahead.

06/14/2017 By Amber Wright

Critic's Notebook

Want a Starbucks Mobile-Order Experience—Only for Dine-In Restaurants?

Meet Allset, about to launch in Seattle.

05/11/2017 By Kathryn Robinson

'Tis the Season

Where to Dine Out This Christmas

These restaurants are going big for Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner (or both).

12/10/2014 By Darren Davis

Dining Out

Southern Charmers

Two new Fremont restaurants explore cuisines of the South.

05/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson

Dining Out

Of Meat and Men

Jason Wilson of Crush goes all caveman at Miller's Guild. Did we mention they butcher whole animals?

04/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson

Midnight Snack

Critic's Picks: Open Late

Nineteen Seattle eateries where you can get your nocturnal nosh on—all open until at least midnight on the weekends.

03/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson


Name the Reclaimed Item in These Seattle Restaurants

Salvaged building materials are to Seattle restaurant walls as seasonal produce is to Seattle menus—like the wooden angel rescued from a French chapel during World War II that hovers over Altura, or the tentacled chandelier spreading over the oyster bar.

01/02/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Restaurant Openings

Central Pizza Is Open in the Central District

S Jackson St. got a new hangout with artisan pizza and everything on tap.

08/30/2013 By Rachel Breiwick


Bloom Bento’s Koji Chicken Box

A Seattle purveyor of bento boxes graduates from a lunchtime popup to his own restaurant in Ballard.

08/01/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Hidden Gems

Basements and Balconies for a Hot Seattle Summer

Escape the heat in the coolish underground, or revel in the breeze from an upstairs deck.

07/26/2013 By Rachel Breiwick


Meats of Summer: Burgers, Brats, and BBQ

Burgers and hot dogs we love, a lesson in regional barbecue styles, and a road map for sausage lovers.

07/01/2013 By Kathryn Robinson and Allecia Vermillion With Josh Feit


News Feed: July

Dining news dispatches from around the city

07/01/2013 By Allecia Vermillion


A Health Care Surcharge on Seattle Menus?

Chefs are bracing for a backlash as they consider adding a menu surcharge to pay for employee health plans.

02/20/2013 By Allecia Vermillion

Seattle's Top Seafood

5 Seafood Shopping Tips

How to bring home the best possible salmon, oysters, and other local seafood.

01/23/2013 By Allecia Vermillion


Top Chef Comes to Seattle

The city wooed the popular chef competition show with promises of total secrecy and cold, hard cash.

10/08/2012 By Allecia Vermillion


Wine Blends Catch on in Washington

Washington winemakers embrace an Old World tradition.

06/20/2012 By Sean P. Sullivan


Five New Spots for Seattle Barbecue

We’ve smoked out five promising new barbecue spots.

05/18/2012 By Allecia Vermillion


Cafe Flora’s Oaxaca Tacos

Chef Janine Doran breaks down Cafe Flora's Oaxaca tacos.

05/18/2012 By Allecia Vermillion