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5 Great Reasons to Dine Out on Thursday

(They’re really great reasons.)

By Kathryn Robinson April 20, 2017

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A happy Dining Out For Life volunteer at Lost Lake Cafe and Lounge: A breakfast-lunch-and-dinner participant in the promotion.

Image: Tori Dickson

Next Thursday, April 27, is the date of Dining Out For Life, the annual fundraiser for Lifelong. The Seattle organization, which began by helping those with HIV/AIDS secure nutritious food and housing, has grown into a support for those living with poverty and serious illness of all kinds. Chicken Soup Brigade, its food delivery program, is but one of Lifelong’s support services.

Dining Out For Life, the evening in which participating restaurants donate 30 to 50 percent of their proceeds to Lifelong, is its big fundraiser. Here are five reasons to support it:

  • Lots of Choices. In this 24th installment of Dining Out For Life, there are almost 80 restaurants participating; probably more by the day of. Here’s the list.
  • Places You Haven’t Been. The list of restaurants skews sweetly tried-and-true—with old favorites like Le Pichet and Ristorante Machiavelli and Tutta Bella Pizzeria and the Hi-Spot—but includes the occasional newcomer, like Maria Hines’s Young American Ale House in Ballard.
  • You Can Order What You Want. Unlike those other well-known restaurant promotions—the ones that last several days—there is no special menu you must order from. The whole menu’s fair game; in some restaurants, even lunch and breakfast menus. (Here’s that list again.)
  • Some Restaurants Are Donating BIG. A handful of generous spots, like Fogon Cocina Mexicana, will donate 50 percent of their proceeds that day. Support them.
  • It’s the Ultimate Win-Win. If you ever feel self-indulgent because you dine so well in this city of restaurants, knowing others cannot—Dining Out For Life is the promotion for you. Last year, Lifelong’s Chicken Soup Brigade provided 165,000 meals and 36,000 grocery bags to 1,800 folks living with serious illness or living homebound.


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