Just your typical burger joint.

Katsu Burger, the new shop from Mashiko’s Hajime Sato, has garnered its share of buzz since opening. The Georgetown location is a boon to (lucky) nearby Boeing workers, but the limited weekday-only hours make it tough for many of us to hustle in for a hamburger-fied tonkatsu cutlet before closing time.

Hence my excitement when Sato sent me a note announcing new Saturday hours. Katsu Burger is now open Monday through Saturday, from 10:30am until 7:30pm.

The kitchen has also switched to a sturdier kaiser roll from nearby Schwartz Brothers Bakery, the better to contain the gigantean stack of breaded, fried meat, shredded cabbage and sauce. In fact, you can witness a highly scientific breakdown of the shop’s behemoth Mt. Fuji Mega Burger in our February issue.

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