Ice Cream + Burgers

Full Tilt's Founder Is Opening a Burger Restaurant

Highscore Burgers will open March 1 in Redmond.

By Allecia Vermillion January 29, 2013

Just add burgers.

 Because sometimes making kickass ice cream just isn’t enough. Fill Tilt founder Justin Cline sent word today that he is opening a burger shop called Highscore Burgers. This will be his first foray across Lake Washington; Highscore is set to open March 1 in Redmond, at 8440 160th Ave NE. A second location is in the works on Capitol Hill, he says, “really close to the Comet.” 

“We wanted to do healthier fast food,” Cline says of the plan he hatched with partner Gorman Eng. “I also think it’s going to help out in the winter.” 

Highscore’s burgers will be made with local, grass-fed beef and locally baked buns, and fries will be cut from Washington-grown potatoes. Yes, there will be plenty of Full Tilt ice cream (16 flavors, just like the stores) and the same setup of great music and old-school pinball and arcade games (hence the name Highscore) that characterizes Cline’s ice cream shops just as much as his frozen offerings. 

Our critic, Kathryn Robinson proclaimed in our 2012 Best Restaurants issue that “if there were a dive bar for kids, it’d be Full Tilt.” Highscore will be just as kid-friendly, and Cline promises family-friendly pricing as well. The first Highscore location is set to open March 1, serving from 11-10. Keep tabs on the opening over at Highscore's new Facebook page.

Side note: Cline’s partners in his Columbia City location are opening a bar called the Hummingbird Saloon just a few doors down from that shop.

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