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First Look: Full Tilt Ice Cream Sibling Highscore Burgers

The offbeat (and awesome) ice creamery opens a burger joint in Redmond...with plenty of games.

By Allecia Vermillion March 26, 2013

Opening Friday in Redmond.

Highscore Burgers opens Friday, March 29 in Redmond at 8440 160th Ave NE. And as owner Justin Cline likes to say, think of it as a Full Tilt. With burgers. The spartan, gamecentric decor definitely has the same vibe as Cline's quartet of ice cream shops in Seattle.

Highscore's burger menu includes grass-fed beef patties and a black bean vegetarian burger that took some time to perfect, but now gets Cline's enthusiastic thumbs up. Keep tabs on the website for more details; hours will likely be 11 to 10.

In addition to six pinball machines, Cline has a number of "cocktail games" which he informed me is the term for arcade games in upright table format. You know, the kind where you can park your beer while you play Ms. Pac Man. (Highscore will eventually have beer and wine when the permits come through.)

Also exciting: Cline says he is opening a Full Tilt scoop shop in the food commons at the nearby Microsoft campus, hopefully next month. And some old-school tricycles (the grown-up kind) will distribute ice cream around campus, too.

Check out the slide show above for a look inside Highscore Burgers.

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