The Two Bells Tavern Burger is worth a visit alone.

It's Unsung Heroes week here on Sauced, in which readers chime in with their favorite underappreciated watering holes.

Two Bells Tavern

Open since: "It's kind of hazy." The original incarnation opened in the '20s, but the Two Bells of today carries on the menu put in place by new owners in the 1970s. Ownership switched hands once again in 1999.

Why it's awesome: "Patio, great burgers, amazing and sturdy beer list, friendly staff that remembers nearly everyone, no TVs, great lighting and layout, and an institution," writes Sauced reader Troy. 

He couldn't have said it better. That brick-lined back patio is unexpectedly charming, given the bar's rather scruffy digs. And the burgers--great indeed. The fives ounces of beef are sandwiched between a sturdy sourdough roll, an ideal vessel for maintaining generous accoutrements like bacon or freshly sautéed mushrooms (but with just enough squish to absorb the inevitable flood of juices). Inside is as no-frills as they come, with a laid-back attitude to match. And the no TVs? About as rare as finding a burger that comes on something other than a bun.

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