Food Finds

Taste of the Town: Angela Stowell

The business partner of husband Ethan talks dining out and working out.

08/26/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: Ventana

Once a month Joseph Conrad crafts multi-course meals covering the corners of the globe.

08/23/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Concert Preview

The Maldives and Tequila at Sunrise

Seattle’s beloved alt-country band talks booze and "American" music before the No Depression Festival.

08/18/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Theater Preview

Shakespeare in the CD

Community theater group makes Much Ado about a neglected amphitheater in Lavizzo Park.

08/12/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: The Hi-Life

Downright good down-home comfort food in Ballard.

08/10/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: The Tin Table

The theme rotates each month at these three-course dinners.

08/02/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Food Lovers' Guide

Food Lovers’ Guide

Fascinated by the Seattle food world? Welcome to a feast of sumptuous edibles and rising culinary stars.

07/21/2010 With Jess Thomson, James Ross Gardner, Christopher Werner, Judy Naegeli, and Caitlin King By Jessica Voelker

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: Sunday Supper at Maximilien

Three courses costs $30 at this normally spendy Pike Place resto.

07/19/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Food Lovers' Guide

How To Sous Vide at Home

Scott Heimendinger, aka Seattle Food Geek, on how to cook sous-vide foods at home.

07/19/2010 By Judy Naegeli


Feast of the Week: Urban BBQ at Joule

On summer Sundays, the Wallingford restaurant serves up regionally themed grilled goodies from around the globe. This week: Marrakesh.

07/14/2010 By Judy Naegeli


Top Doctors 2010

The 423 best doctors in 87 specialties in King, Kitsap, and Snohomish counties.

07/11/2010 Research by Stefan Durham, Ariana Dawes, Tiffany Wan, and Judy Naegeli

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: Monday Supper at Spring Hill

Want Mark Fuller’s famed fried chicken? Get on the waiting list.

07/06/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Summer in Seattle

Food for the Fourth of July

BBQs, an all-day buffet, pulled pork sliders—here’s how to get piggy and patriotic.

07/02/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: Fresh Bistro Seafood Boil

Every Wednesday the West Seattle restaurant piles pounds and pounds of it into a pot.

06/28/2010 By Judy Naegeli


100 Reasons to Love Seattle

Call us biased, but it’s as easy to dig up reasons to love this city as it is to score gourmet grub on our streets. (Hey, there’s a reason right there…) In fact, we found so many—from our flair for flash mobbery to our kid-friendly

06/14/2010 By Kathryn Robinson, Matthew Halverson, James Ross Gardner, Eric Scigliano, Laura Cassidy, Jessica Voelker, Christopher Werner, Laura Dannen, Tiffany Wan, Judy Naegeli, and Caitlin King


Farm Your Backyard

It’s a little known fact that almost everything you plant in April can also be planted as late as July. With a few quick preparations, you can be on your way to backyard bounty by early fall. Amy Pennington, owner of Go Go Green Garden, and Colin McCrate

06/14/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Sport Eating

World Cup Watch: Where to Eat Breakfast

Surely you’ll want bacon with that beer.

06/10/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Summer Music Fest

Get Loud: Noise for the Needy Starts Tonight

Help fight homelessness by rocking out for five days straight.

06/09/2010 By Judy Naegeli


Gear Guide

All the essential gear for summer hiking and biking.

05/17/2010 By Judy Naegeli


Hike and Bike: Mount St. Helens

Trails for Ape Canyon, Lewis River, and Norway Pass.

05/17/2010 With Courtney Nash, Judy Naegeli, Erin Reading, and Kasey Cordell Edited by Laura Dannen By Hayley Poole and Craig Romano