Summer Music Fest

Get Loud: Noise for the Needy Starts Tonight

Help fight homelessness by rocking out for five days straight.

By Judy Naegeli June 9, 2010

The Maldives play Friday at Underground Events Center in Belltown. Photo courtesy Kyle Johnson.

It’s a time-honored tradition among do-gooders. Got a cause? Put on a concert. That’s what Dave Green did back in 1991 to raise money for a soup kitchen in California. College student by day and band booking agent by night, he used his connections and energy to organize a one-day music festival. And so, Noise for the Needy was born.

Lucky for us, this event moved to Seattle in 2004, and now spans five days and 17 venues, with over 80 bands using their talents to fight homelessness. NFTN artistic director Jeff Henry fills us in.

What organization is receiving the donations this year?

We like to pick organizations that respond to issues of homelessness and might need a leg up in the PR department. This year, the NFTN board selected Teen Feed, a Seattle-based nonprofit that offers support for homeless youth—meeting basic needs, building strong relationships, and helping them meet their future off the streets. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and want to expand their programming to seven nights a week starting this month.

What acts are you most excited about?

I really enjoy seeing new local bands, so I am excited to see a lot of them on the bill: Erik Blood, NighTrain, Redwood Plan, Watch it Sparkle, Daniel G. Harmann and the Trouble Starts, and of course the Maldives. I am also excited to see Thunderheist’s last show! I love the sound of a cello as well, so seeing 12 of them [The Portland Cello Project] in cacophony at Vera Project on the 11th should be a blast.

What future plans or goals is the festival working toward?

Nothing very complicated. We would just like to have a positive impact on the community and make Seattle a better place. Sort of idealistic, I know, but what can you do?

Noise for the Needy runs June 9-13, with shows at 17 venues across the city. Highlights include:

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, TONIGHT, June 9 @ Tractor Tavern
Animals at Night, Thursday, June 10 @ Sunset Tavern
The Maldives, Friday, June 11 @ Underground Events Center in Belltown
The Portland Cello Project and Grand Hallway, Friday, June 11 @ the Vera Project
Thunderheist’s last show ever, Saturday, June 12 @ Chop Suey
The Redwood Plan, Saturday, June 12 @ Wildrose
Visqueen, Sunday, June 13 @ Hard Rock Cafe

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