HERE THEY ARE, the people, places, and events we find most fascinating in the Seattle food scene right now. Hungry for more? In our Food Lovers’ Guide directory you’ll find all the info you need to dig in deeper—in person, via websites, or over Twitter. Because that’s the best thing about our city’s ever-growing food world: everyone’s invited.

Fresh Faces!

Keep an eye on these rising culinary stars.




The Wild Ones

Seattle chefs grow their own in edible gardens, and, if you’re curious about wild food forager Jeremy Faber, ask his friends.


How To

Sous vide at home, make killer home-cured bacon, and wield a knife like a ninja.



Seattle Food Events

Five kick-yourself-if-you-miss-it awesomefests.




We’ve Got It Covered

Ten trends that Seattle is dishing out with great success.



Shopping List

Our favorite new culinary destinations around town.

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