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16 Breakfast Sandwiches to Start Your Day Off Right

Scrambled eggs, cheese, and meaty add-ons reach culinary nirvana when wrapped up in a biscuit or English muffin.

By Nosh Pit Staff February 25, 2019

Great State's glorious hash brown breakfast sammy.


This counter service spot, a pastel-tiled nook on Capitol Hill, serves up grab-and-go items like toasts, egg sandwiches, savory grain bowls, and a small but varied menu of seasonal and locally sourced food stuffs that are healthy without harping on about it. Pickled daikon upgrades the breakfast sandwich, which comes with egg, cheese, and a choice of country ham or mushrooms, plus varying levels of spice. If there were ever a place to hide away with a book and a cup of joe, it’s this Analog Coffee sibling cafe.

Biscuit and Bean

On a weekend morning you’ll invariably find a baby crying in this overcrowded Ballard brunch shack, possibly a clutch of feral toddlers, and several pairs of finger-twining lovers—all tucking into biscuits that define the Platonic ideal of biscuitude: craggy-crunchy on the outside, angelically fluffy and just-over-the-border of sweet within. And—as luck would have it—enormous, whether as a buttermilk or a daily special biscuit, perhaps carrot cardamom, sliced and warmed and honey buttered, or as an overstuffed, melting colossus of bacon, scrambled egg, cheese, and fire-roasted tomato jam. Coffee is terrific and servers are sweet.

Biscuit Bitch

Equipped with cheddar-topped hangover cures, this self-described “trailer park to table” cafe serves up gravy-drenched biscuits with southern-inspired fixings: garlic grits, hot links, pork sausage, and more. For breakfast, tear into the Bitchwich sandwich loaded with egg, cheddar, and a choice of sausage, bacon, spam, hot links, or a veggie sausage. Bitches get stuff done, and can do so with biscuits in hand.

Cafe Cesura 

Proof positive that Bellevue is now an urban center, Cafe Cesura, of the soaring ceilings and minimalist embellishments and aubergine walls, looks plucked whole out of Pike/Pine. The menu is short but trenchant, focusing on the item we’ll go so far as to call the Breakfast Trend of the Decade: the breakfast sandwich. One comes with caramelized onions and Mt. Townsend Creamery New Moon cheese and rosemary; another, even better, features sweet apple-smoked bacon and plenty of good cheddar scrambled into egg on a Macrina potato roll. When eating a breakfast sandwich, the insides sometimes squirt out; Cesura makes a fine place to contemplate that nonproblem, over a cup of Stumptown and a moist housemade muffin.

Cone and Steiner

Part grocer, part deli, part candy store, with a few beers on tap, Cone and Steiner’s Capitol Hill, Downtown, and Pioneer Square locations are one-stop neighborhood shops. Alongside sandwich classics like roast beef and the BLT is a breakfast of champions: baked eggs, cheese, and bacon with tomato jam served between two Columbia City Bakery brioche buns.

The Crumpet Shop

The Brits know rainy days, so it’s fitting they’d invent crumpets—the comfort-food cure for wet-weather blues. In 1976, Crumpet Shop owners Gary Lasater and Nancy McFaul brought their just-right recipe to Pike Place Market, and soaked Seattleites have been raising their teacups to the spongy griddlecakes ever since. Discover warm refuge in the nooks and crannies cradling butter, pesto, or melted English cheese—or try "Rob's favorite," egg on wild smoked salmon mixed with cream cheese. Kids in tow? There's a green eggs and ham breakfast sandwich too.

Dahlia Bakery

To talk about Dahlia Bakery is to talk about coconut cream pie, which has been Seattle’s signature dessert ever since Tom Douglas was a young upstart in the 1980s. But this little cubby down the street from Dahlia Lounge is also an undersung destination for reasonably priced soup, salads, and sandwiches (both the lunch and breakfast variety) that hew to Douglas-level standards of quality. The bacon egg sammy gets majorly upgraded with white cheddar, arugula, and smoked paprika aioli. Ditto the vegetarian version, which pairs roasted mushrooms with garlic oil dressed radicchio and herbed goat cheese.

Fat’s Chicken and Waffles

The Li’l Woody’s sibling in the former home of Catfish Corner seems like a natural contender for brunch, given its focus on waffles and juicy fried chicken. There is indeed a fried chicken biscuit sandwich (with a fried egg, bacon...and gravy), plus similarly southern-styled dishes like shrimp and grits, straight-up biscuits and gravy, a pimento BLT, and a benedict that involves Fat’s fried green tomatoes. The beverage lineup includes mimosas, bloody marys, and even Pedialyte for those in serious need of hydration.

Good Day Donuts

Between classic doughnuts, coffee, and ice cream, Erik Jackson's White Center shop is a morning trifecta of sugar and spice. But savory options are to be had too, like boiled "p-nuts," french bread pizza, and a three-egg and cheese breakfast sandwich served, gloriously, all day for the low, low price of $5. For carnivores, a bacon or ham add-on is just an extra 50 cents.

Great State Burger

For a city whose quintessential morning meal is actually just eight ounces of single-origin drip coffee, there’s a serious opening for the Great Seattle Breakfast. May I humbly nominate the portable, devour-able scrambled egg, cheese, and hash brown inside an English muffin? Served until 11 at the burger chainlet semi-recently inducted into the pantheon of Renee Erickson restaurants, this sandwich, with a patty of shredded, fried potato, is breakfast magic.

Honest Biscuits

At Pike Place Market, getting cheese or meat from your neighbor means coupling “craggy, fluffy, squared-shaped biscuits” with Beecher’s Flagship cheese, Bavarian Meats bacon, and mustard made with Pike Brewing stout ale. All pair well with eggs in Honest Biscuits' reasonably priced breakfast sandwiches. Or, for an extra buck, add on an egg to any sandwich, whether loaded with oven "fried" chicken or cured North Carolina ham.


Expect lines out the door of this quaint University District cafe, but the wait is oh so worth it. Besides, you’ll be dreaming up all your carb-filled possibilities... Choose your biscuit, be it buttermilk or cheddar chive, and marry it with anything from tomato jam to strawberry balsamic jam to honey butter. A sandwich with prosciutto, fried egg, manchego, and Mama Lil’s pepper aioli is also a solid hearty choice.

Serious Pie and Biscuit

Tom Douglas’s Westlake spot serves up serious comfort food like well-loved pizzas and homemade buttermilk biscuits. While the main menu is dominated by pies, mornings mean breakfast sammies with no shortage of savory fillings, like salmon cake, fried chicken doused in black pepper gravy, or truffled frittata. Sweet tooth? No problem. Grab a biscuit with housemade peanut butter and banana, drizzled in syrupy honey.

Storyville Coffee

The coffee is smooth and fine—roasted in a gleaming flagship space on Bainbridge Island—but it’s the midcentury-cozy Pike Place Market space, an upstairs aerie in the Corner Market Building with a fireplace and an iconic Seattle view out demilune windows, that draws loyalists. While the Storyville staff can dazzle you with fresh-out-of-the-oven oatmeal cookies and criminally flaky croissants, it’s the stacked sandwiches that make for a truly satisfying morning meal. Case in point: a classic egg, bacon, and cheese combo inside a perfectly salty house-baked pretzel bun. Don’t want to brave the crowds at Pike Place? Try the equally cozy Downtown and Queen Anne locations.

Sunny Up

For a food truck that caters to the bleary-eyed morning masses, Sunny Up packs an awful lot of culinary intrigue into a breakfast sandwich. Tomato jam amplifies the Ruth Bacon Ginsburg; Italian seasoning gives new dimension to the Sausage Patti Smith. The vegetarian Frida Avokahlo actually makes kale seem decadent. The only thing better than the femtastic sandwich names: those harissa-dusted hash brown patties. 

Westman's Bagel and Coffee

Before there were lines down the block awaiting Westman's New York–style bagels, owner Monica Dimas wasn't sure what to do with the sliver of a spot on East Madison. Then she found divine inspiration in a bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich. In January 2018, it became a reality. Westman's serves a half-dozen varieties of bagels, plus plenty of schmears. But it's that bacon-egg-and-cheese—stuffed not in traditional bagel shell, but a kaiser roll—that you should be after. (Purists, never fear, you can swap the roll for your bagel of choice). And there's plenty more sandwich options, like a creamy avo spread replete with fresh tomato and everything spice. Or keep it Brooklyn with smoked whitefish or lox.

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