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What We’re Eating Now: November 2017

This month’s favorites: late-night pizza, Pike/Pine’s new beer hangout, and a secret, excellent ode to the Big Mac.

By Nosh Pit Staff October 30, 2017 Published in the November 2017 issue of Seattle Met

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Galette at Celine Patisserie 

It’s easy to zoom past this unobtrusive new pastry shop on Phinney Ridge. Doing so, however, means you’d miss out on Nutella croissants, a rainbow of macarons, monkey bread, and galettes (pictured above) both sweet and savory. The flaky dough manages to be both ethereal and up to the challenge of supporting the seasonal fruit, bacon and egg, or goat cheese with sweet tomatoes and pumpkin seeds. —Allecia Vermillion

Eden Hill’s Secret Burger

What if somebody made a letter-perfect facsimile of a McDonald’s Big Mac, except it tasted not of preservatives and engineered flavor but seasoned beef, melty American cheese, and pickles and lettuce aplenty? Well, chef Maximillian Petty does, but only on Sunday nights; his towering Big Max burger is an insanely tasty, off-menu detour from the restaurant’s seasonal innovations. —AV

White Pie at RPM

Pizza and records: Both are round and both get serious play at this Pioneer Square haunt that slings thin-crust quadrant slices and whole pies alongside a wall of vinyl. Flavors tend toward familiar and comforting; the white pie, a bechamel-based pizza topped with ricotta, feta, and a four-cheese blend, is altogether creamy, tangy, and equally life giving for hangry lunch crowds and late-night carb hunters. —Rosin Saez

Two Up Imperial IPA at Redhook Brewlab 

Outfitted with softly glowing Edison light bulbs and plenty of seating, Redhook’s new small-batch brewpub on Pike/Pine dispenses inventive creations from beer scientist and head brewer Nick Crandall. Like the hazy Two Up Imperial IPA, consisting of high doses of oats and wheat, plus southern-hemisphere-sourced hops, it’s a well-rounded drink that doesn’t kick you in the mouth like its double IPA brethren. —RS

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