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Local Pantry Phenom Villa Jerada Plans a Summer of Chef Collabs

The man who flavors our menus with harissa and za'atar is making the rounds to Gravy, East Anchor Seafood, the Corson Building, and the London Plane.

By Allecia Vermillion June 17, 2022

Villa Jerada owner Mehdi Boujrada will visit some pretty great chefs this summer.

Chefs across the country turn to Seattle-based Villa Jerada for beautiful harissa, Aleppo, tahini, and other Moroccan and Levantine pantry staples. Now owner Mehdi Boujrada is marking his company’s 10th anniversary with a summer caravan of sorts through some pretty great local restaurants, ones conversant in Villa Jerada's roster of flavors.

His Les Nomades street food series kicked off this weekend at Restaurant Homer, a natural fit for a menu of stuffed pitas and fenugreek soft serve with buckwheat honey drizzle. The (mostly outdoor) setup included plenty of stuff to purchase and take home, like loaves of buckwheat sourdough, whipped garlic sauce, and jars of chermoula or tahini.

Keep an eye on Villa Jerada’s Instagram for more details, but here are future dates:

  • Sunday, July 3: Gravy on Vashon Island
  • Saturday, July 9: East Anchor Seafood in Madrona
  • Sunday, July 17: The Corson Building in Georgetown
  • Saturday, August 6: The London Plane in Pioneer Square
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