Fried chicken. Made at Ma'ono, served up in sandwich form at the Rhino Room.

Now that The Rhino Room, Pine Street's fancier-than-expected bar with an anatomically correct rhinocerous statue, is finding its rhythm, partner Patric Gabre-Kibran says it's time to roll out some food.

Well, not just some food. Food by Ma'ono chef Mark Fuller. "Pretty much Ma'ono food," as Gabre-Kidan terms it. What began as a semi-joking exchange of text messages between Gabre-Kidan and Fuller (their association goes back to their long-ago Tom Douglas days) has resulted in a menu of plate lunches, three types of musubi, plus sandwiches and burritos with Fuller's Hawaii-meets-awesome stylings.

One of those sandwiches, I might add, is filled with chopped up bits of Fuller's signature fried chicken, as well as cream cheese, kimchi, jalapenos, and cabbage.

The menu is availabe as of today, from 11:00am until 10pm.

Gabre-Kidan says the chef himself will be in the kitchen for the first few weeks, overseeing the proceedings "and drinking us out of Maker's Mark, probably."

Here's a shot of the Rhino Room's new menu, taken by a professional photographer who's really into grit and realism, and definitely not by Patric on his cell phone.