Web Exclusives

Get the Dirt

10 Best Hikes at Mount Rainier National Park

A totally subjective list from a lifelong Rainier hiker.

07/23/2019 By Allison Williams

Kitchen Diaries

How Seattle's Rising Star Chefs Dream Up Dishes

A peek behind the swinging kitchen door reveals what makes this year's batch of Next Hot Chefs so excellent: their unyielding passion for making good food.

07/23/2019 By Rosin Saez

Web Exclusive

5 Books for the Seattle Music Lover

Want to go beyond an article? These books offer deep dives into local history.

11/20/2018 By Stefan Milne

Seattle's Famous Pets

Cooper the Cat's Cat Cam Portfolio

The Ansel Adams of Green Lake wears a collar camera that snaps a shot every two minutes, capturing his chosen subjects—squirrels, possums, ankles—with a signature tilt and motion blur.


Seattle's Famous Animals

Big Bird Bubba's Adventures

Don’t call him a pet; owner Muraco Kyashna-tocha considers her bird her life partner (though she also recently took on a second bird companion, Misha the macaw).

04/16/2017 Videography by Muraco Kyashna-tocha Edited by Seattle Met

Fresh Starts

More Style Resolutions for 2015

How some of the city's most stylish are dressing up the New Year

12/29/2014 By Amanda Zurita


Pacific Northwest Camping Guide: Camping Hacks

How do you deal with the particular peccadillos of a Pacific Northwest camping trip?

05/16/2014 By Allison Williams


Slide Show: 10 Essential Garden Tools

Our favorite green-thumb gear



Slide Show: Table Talk


Flour to the People

Test Your Pastry IQ

Do you know the difference between a macaroon and a macaron? Or between a cannoli and a cannelé?

03/21/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

City Trails

Helmet Cam: Our Favorite Seattle Biking Videos

It’s like you’re there…only someone else is peddling.

03/21/2014 By Allison Williams


Design High in Downtown Seattle

Interior designer Nancy Burfiend decorates a graceful, modern condo for empty nesters.



Introducing Seattle Designer Suk Chai and Schai, Her Locally Created Brand

Color, cut, and avant-garde comfort coalesce in the ultramodern women's line that might just put Seattle on another map. (The Fashion Designer map.)



Slide Show: Dogs Behind Bars

Our cameras caught the lives of dogs behind bars.



More Seattle Style Resolutions 2014

What and who your favorite Seattle designers, stylists, artists, and other well-dressed personalities will be wearing in 2014.

12/17/2013 Edited by Laura Cassidy


Slide Show: Extreme Makeover Kitchen Edition

Custom cabinets and vintage-inspired details give an outdated Laurelhurst kitchen new life.



Slide Show: Closet Envy

A peek inside three Northwest closets.



Slide Show: Seattle’s Best French Fries

Here are 15 of our favorite places to experience the glory that is French-fried potatoes.


Tourist Attraction

Curious Things on Display at Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Here's where to go when you want your mummy.

05/23/2013 By Neal Thompson