Thanks to the rise of GoPro and other cameras that attach to helmets and handlebars, you don’t have to wear yourself out to experience a great Seattle bike ride. We scoured YouTube for the best first-person videos of local cycle rides. Got a great home movie of your own? Share the link in the comments!


1. The Crowded Burke-Gilman 

How many people do you pass over a dozen minutes on the city’s most popular trail? So many we lost count.



2. Trippy I-90

The trip from Bellevue to Seattle gets psychedelic thanks to pink and blue foliage and a techno jam. The stretch on the I-90 bridge and through a long tunnel is a ride through Wonderland. 



3. E-Bike Adventure

The “Seattle Vegan E-Biker,” as David McKay calls himself, traveled 17 miles around the city—to the locks, by train yards, and to the waterfront—in just 90 minutes thanks to his electric wheels. This smooth cruise almost looks easy.


4. Super Speed

From South Lake Union alleyways to the Mercer Mess, the Ballard Waterfront to Eastlake’s floating homes, Kevin D covers most of the city in this speedy 5-and-a-half-minute video, sped up to a pulse-pounding blur.  



5. Under the Bridge

Building the I-5 Colonnade Bike Park under a freeway took big machinery, weird hardware, and a ton of volunteer hours. Seattle videographer Mark Brent put together a nearly 10-minute documentary on the features and how they were constructed.