City Trails

City Trails  

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Arts & Culture

Met Picks

Top Things to See or Do in April

Gamble on the Seattle Rock Lottery, vary tastes at Hop Scotch, and reflect on 20 years since Kurt Cobain’s death.

04/01/2014 By Seth Sommerfeld

Sporting Life

...Some Rain Must Fall

The Rainmakers, Seattle’s first professional ultimate Frisbee team, face intimidating obstacles in 2014.

04/01/2014 By Jeremy G. Novak

Best of the City

Best of the City

Best City Trails

25 best places to run, walk, skate, hike, and bike, plus Seattle-born gear, and a yearlong calendar of trails to try outside the city limits.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

Eat & Drink

Critic's Picks

Four New Restaurants from Marquee Chefs

Renee Erickson, Josh Henderson, Thierry Rautureau, and Ethan Stowell launch buzzy new spots.


Restaurant Review

Save Room for Dessert

The pear-cherry galette with black pepper ice cream, for starters.

04/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson


Wine, Elevated: Gruners Grow Here

Turns out you can grow cool-weather grapes like gruner veltliner in Washington.

04/01/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Dining Out

Of Meat and Men

Jason Wilson of Crush goes all caveman at Miller's Guild. Did we mention they butcher whole animals?

04/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson

Feast and Desist

The Pastry That Must Not Be Named

Seattle bakers brave enough to riff on this labor-intensive treat have come up with their own monikers.

04/01/2014 By Allecia Vermillion


Flour to the People

Meet Seattle's best new confectioners.

04/01/2014 By Allecia Vermillion

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Shake Up

Of the estimated 1,200 to 1,400 cases of babies who exhibit signs attributed to shaken baby syndrome every year, a much smaller number—one estimate places the number around 100 to 150—end up in criminal court.

04/01/2014 By Katherine Koberg

Health & Wellness

Healthy Kids

Network Interference

Obamacare is finally in full swing, but Washington state insurance plans don’t cover Seattle Children’s hospital. Won’t someone think of the kids?

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

Home & Real Estate

Back Fence

Hive Minded

What backyard beekeeping really does for people.

04/01/2014 By Kathryn Robinson


Table Talk

Our favorite accent tables steal the design spotlight in the living room.

03/20/2014 By Angela Cabotaje



Letters to Seattle Met

Dispatches from the Sandwich Wars, Likes and Dislikes after “Mike After Mike,” and the Least Seattle-y Comment about the Most Seattle-y Thing


News & City Life


The Trouble with Shaken Baby Syndrome

After three decades and thousands of accusations and fractured lives, medical and legal experts are challenging shaken baby syndrome as a diagnosis. And as one family's saga demonstrates, we can't wait any longer to get it right.

04/02/2014 By James Ross Gardner


His Stuff Doesn't Stink

Tim O’Neill and Engineered Compost Systems take the “ick” out of organic waste.

04/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson


Lowering the Boom

A new federal report documents the failures—in process, material, regulation and others—that killed seven people at the Tesoro refinery in Anacortes in April 2010.

04/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson

News Briefs

One Sentence Stories

A (really) brief recap of the news you might have missed.

04/01/2014 By Jeremy Novak

Wait, What?

Russell Wilson On a Baseball Card?

It shows the Seahawks’ star QB in a Texas Rangers uniform, but don’t worry. He’s not going anywhere.

04/01/2014 By James Ross Gardner

Passing Through

Big Shooter

National Geographic photog Carsten Peter takes a break from cave diving to talk about snapping the perfect pic.

04/01/2014 By Genie Leslie


Perfect Party April 2014

Here’s who we’d invite if we could entertain this month’s most interesting visitors, locals, and newsmakers.


Urban Upgrade

Kid's Play

The Seattle Planning Commission sets its sights on making urban living attractive to families again.

04/01/2014 By Josh Feit

Quote Unquote

The Director: Kate Becker

The new director of the Seattle Office of Film and Music aims to pick up where her beloved predecessor left off.

04/01/2014 By Matthew Halverson

Power Lines

The Seattle Process vs. The New York Minute

Former Bloomberg staffer Robert Feldstein is Mayor Murray's new policy director. Hope he likes consensus politics.

03/24/2014 By Josh Feit

Style & Shopping

Spring Style

Electric Company

The season’s hot metallic and bright whites supercharge the city.

03/21/2014 By Laura Cassidy

Travel & Outdoors

Get Out

A Hike for Each Month of the Year

12 far-flung trails for year-round exploration.

04/01/2014 By Craig Romano

City Trails

The Burke-Gilman Trail

The main drag from Ballard to Kenmore.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

City Trails

No Cars Allowed

Four city routes we want for bikers and walkers.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

Step By Step

Seattle Biking 101

Let's start at the very beginning: Here's how to find a bike, find a trail, and not break the law.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

City Trails

Elliott Bay Trail

Shore ride from Magnolia to downtown.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

City Trails

Ship Canal Trail

All most all the way around Lake Union from Fisherman's Terminal to Eastlake.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams


The Mountain Bikes Are Coming

Beacon Bike Park in the Cheasty Greenspace is set to open in June 2015. And the mountain bikers couldn't be happier.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

City Trails

Seattle-Born Bike Gear

Cycle swag from local entrepreneurs

04/01/2014 By Amanda Zurita

City Trails

Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park

A forest maze from Issaquah trailheads and back again.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

City Trails

Sammamish River Trail

Pastoral Picnics from Bothell to Redmond.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

City Trails

Cedar River Trail

Salmon and 737's from downtown Renton to Landsburg.

04/01/2014 By Allison Williams

City Trails

Helmet Cam: Our Favorite Seattle Biking Videos

It’s like you’re there…only someone else is peddling.

03/21/2014 By Allison Williams

Web Exclusives

Flour to the People

Test Your Pastry IQ

Do you know the difference between a macaroon and a macaron? Or between a cannoli and a cannelé?

03/21/2014 By Allecia Vermillion