Eating it Up

Even before “25 Drop-Dead Extraordinary Sandwiches”—part of our March 2014 cover story on all things lunchlandia—hit newsstands, our readers proved to be rabid sandwich partisans. When we asked who makes the best ’wich around—“from the meaty monsters of Pioneer Square’s Sandwich Zone to the wee storefronts scattered across the neighborhoods”—via a preview of the story on our food and drink blog, Nosh Pit, the comments poured in: “I love the lemongrass pork and the lemongrass banh mi at Xplosive Food Truck in Seattle’s SLU neighborhood. A foot-long baguette for $ can’t beat that. I love it! I wish I could have it every day,” wrote one reader. “The lentil burger at either Chaco Canyon cafe is the best and nothing had to die to create it for you!” added another.

Speaking of partisans

Our March 2014 profile of city council member and former Sierra Club chapter leader Mike O’ Brien (“Mike After Mike”) drew mixed reactions. “The next mayor of Seattle,” boomed one reader on our news and politics blog, PubliCola. Another commenter countered, after referencing a line in the story (about O’Brien’s first-term push to ban plastic grocery shopping bags throughout the city), “Wasn’t that voted down and then the city council passed it anyway? I wouldn’t brag on that one.” Meanwhile on Facebook a reader waxed libertarian: “Glad I don’t live in the people’s republic of Seattle anymore where the nanny state [is] thriving.”

And the ballsiest comment of the month goes to… When our food critic Kathryn Robinson asked on Nosh Pit, “Should Magazines Run Negative Restaurant Reviews?” a commenter who goes by the handle PCP summed things up thusly: “The most Seattle thing I’ve heard all day. Everybody play nice and have no balls...”

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