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December 8, 2008 Published in the December 2008 issue of Seattle Met

Multiple Choice
Regarding your October college rankings (“Northwest ­College Rankings 2008”): While college guides provide many families with helpful ideas and information, I’d encourage families to use these guides as tools but not as a replacement for experience. Check out academic opportunities, student-life options, and career-placement records. Contact current faculty and students at institutions of interest. Speak with alumni about their experiences.

Your article stated that Gonzaga University students, on average, graduate in five or more years. The correct figure is four and a quarter years. We expect the large majority of the 300 students who joined Gonzaga in August to graduate in May 2012, and we expect our graduates to have many positive impacts on the great Northwest.

Julie McCulloh
Dean of Admission, Gonzaga University


Making the Grade
As a trustee and alumnus of Lewis and Clark College, I was glad to see you highlight the excellence of Lewis and Clark’s debate team tradition, our leadership in global education, and the internationally acclaimed research being done by biology professor Kellar Autumn and his students (“Northwest College Rankings 2008,” October issue).

However, I’m concerned by what you left out of your portrayal of Lewis and Clark and your ranking methods, more generally—factors that directly pertain to the kind of experience students have on a college campus. I wonder how much higher Lewis and Clark’s ranking would have been had you taken into account our recent success in securing significant academic endorsements (such as a $1.3 million science grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute) and our students’ and professors’ prestigious awards and grants.

There is no doubt that this validation speaks to the quality of a school’s education and the kind of academic experience its students enjoy. I hope that those in the midst of their college search—especially those interested in a transformative academic experience in the country’s most vibrant region—keep these factors in mind when deciding which college is right for them.

Peter Chang
Trustee, Lewis and Clark College


In last month’s look at watershed Seattle restaurants (“Restaurants That Changed the Way We Eat,” November 2008), our entry on B & O Espresso failed to credit the contributions of longtime owner Jane Lukatah. She was integral to the creation of the restaurant and, since buying out her partner Lois Pierris in 1978, has nurtured its “elegant Bohemian esprit” ever since. Another item in the same story described the cuisine at Rosellini’s Four-10 as Italian. It should have been continental.

Three errors appeared in the resource guide for our design article about a Ravenna bungalow (“Practical Magic,” November 2008). First, reports of the death of O’Sullivan Engineering were premature. The firm is available for projects and may be reached via email: [email protected]

Second, the office cabinetry—not the flooring—was built with materials from Bamboo Hardwoods and fabricated by Todd Federenko of the now-defunct firm Hammersmith. Finally, Steve Monsey designed the microprocessor controls on the backyard fire feature.


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