The Seattle Met January 2015 issue highlights 15 style resolutions for the coming year from some of our favorite Seattle designers, artists, and other sartorially on-point makers and doers. And we have even more New Year fashion goals below.

As for me: I'm taking a holistic approach to style in 2015. Meaning I'll be treating my body on the inside with this same care I take with dressing it on the outside. I'll be doing my homework and absorbing fashion as a history (taking in books and films and arranging chats with well-dressed men and women I look up to). And I will take a step back to really appreciate my closet before swiping my credit card for something new. —Amanda Zurita, style editor, Seattle Met

What will you and your closet look like in 2015? Share your own style resolutions in the comment section and tag @SeattleMet on social media.

My style goal for 2015 is to embrace color. Half of my wardrobe is black, 20 percent is gray, and another 10 percent is navy. I need to get out of my comfort zone and liven up my wardrobe's color palette.

Cameron Levin, designer and stylist,


After editing my closet way down, I’m ready for accessories that feel both strong and polished—menswear-inspired basics with heavy layers of delicate jewelry, structured ladylike bags, crisp sneakers, and deep earthy scents. The most stylish women I know are over 60. This year I resolve to ask them their secrets.

Kate Harmer, founder and creative director, Hum Creative


My 2015 style resolution is all about finding the most exciting blends of historic and contemporary pieces both in my own wardrobe and in my collections. We should all "wear our history" and let our clothes illustrate the story of where we've been and where we're going. 

Michael Cepress, fashion designer, curator, and educator,


In 2015 I’m surrendering to simplicity and only buying pieces that I know look great on me: wider necklines, poofy sleeves, nipped-in waists. I’m tired of gazing at beautiful garments in my closet that just don’t flatter me. I’ll be doing a closet purge in January and gifting some lucky friends the designer pieces I’m finally parting with. Then, I’ll swear off the lure of a label on sale unless the item makes me look like a smoking hot siren.

Tali Edut, owner and stargazer, Astro Twins


My New Year's resolution is to take time at the end of each month to merchandise new outfits out of my existing wardrobe. I like the idea of remixing my favorite pieces into totally new looks, especially in unexpected ways.

Sydney Mintle, fashion marketing at Gossip and Glamour


Androgyny is my mantra for 2015. Men’s shoes, wide legged trousers, jackets, and suspenders with a Kara backpack instead of a purse. And sneakers, lots and lots of sneakers with long skirts, or slouchy pants and big coats. But for evening it’s black leggings, stilettos with a thigh-length black jacket, and a vintage Chanel bag. For summer I will be wearing Birkenstocks again (if Jenna Lyons reads this, I’d like her to know that I'll take them in neon yellow or orange).

Linda Derschang, restaurateur and dive bar owner, @lindaderschang


I'm really into practicing what you preach these days... so more quality over quantity, supporting independent makers and domestic production. I won't buy anything unless I love it so much I want to wear it everyday.

Jesse Poole, purveyor, E. Smith Mercantile


Custom all black Roshe Runs with LED heels reading IDK with chrome encoded titanium-reinforced gray quilted joggers, Allsaint’s leather track jacket over a nameless white rag tee wrapped in a Tuesday Sport silver scarf with pink drawstrings, all topped by a Caffe Vita snapback chakra cap. 

Dylan Neuwirth, post-human contemporary artist,


Jewelry and accessories never seem right on me, and this year I will embrace the simplicity of not wearing any. I also plan to get some wedge clogs and wear them all the time and with everything.

Brittany Freeman, co-owner and codesigner, Freeman Seattle


Dolly Parton once said, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” My approach to fashion is and will be the inverse…It doesn’t cost a lot of dough to look this fly.

Tariqa Waters, artist, curator, and owner of Martyr Sauce Gallery


Simplicity is a deciding factor for what goes into my closet (and into my jewelry collection). I plan to rock the simple, chic aesthetic, stay effortless, tomboyish but feminine, while seeking out trends that go with, not against my dressing philosophy: sophisticated minimalism.

Joanna Morgan, jewelry designer,


I resolve to return to wearing bold lip colors! I also need to find a sleek black jumpsuit (a difficult task for me, as most jumpsuits do not fit 5’1” proportions). A tailor will definitely be involved. I should also use a tailor more.

Julie Hamasaki, style and event coordinator, The Bellevue Collection


A while back I was frustrated at not finding the perfect pair of jeans for a photo shoot, so I tried on my husband's jeans and instantly fell in love with them. Going forward I'll continue to pair real men's jeans with my cozy cashmere sweaters.

Paychi Karen Guh, founder and designer, Paychi Guh


For 2015, I'll have a closet of ultracurated, skillfully made, interchangeable pieces. I’ve concluded that what matters to me most is not just the style of a garment, but the quality of the workmanship and materials from which the was made. My closet is literally the size of a shoebox, so I don’t have the luxury to stockpile tons of pieces that I won’t wear on the daily. I resolve to invest in a handful of quality, eye catching pieces that I can wear for years to come.

Natalia Biner-Wittke, owner/curator, Sell Your Sole Consignment Boutique


At Kari Gran we talk a lot about “the little black dress of skin care.” It speaks to our simple, no-nonsense approach to beauty and style. Less is more. The more comfortable I feel in my clothes, the more naturally stylish I am. I would much rather buy a high quality, comfortable sweater than five trendy, scratchy ones. Simplify—it’s a principal that rarely fails.  

Kari Gran, cofounder, Kari Gran Skincare

For me, 2015 is all about the fit. Whether it is a thrifted men's button up or trousers from my favorite designer, I'm starting to realize that just because it doesn't fit perfect off the rack doesn't mean it can't be perfect with a little work. Now I just need to find my go-to tailor.   

Ann DeOtte Kaufman, founder and designer, Iva Jean; account management, Hum Creative

This year I am looking at the '70s. I am uniting my ties and unbuttoning my buttons, making "chic ease" my motto. I'm seeking loose flouncy tops, felt floppy hats, and subtle sun-kissed hair (bye-bye, dramatic ombre). Scarves and dripping jewelry, and sometimes a pop of sequins and a beaded top. I'm leaving behind pencil skirts and blazers in favor of minis and maxis. 

Tiffany Lowry, beauty expert,

This year I plan to wear what I want! It's easy to get caught up in the "latest and greatest." I know what I like and I need to trust myself. Also, more femininity, less androgyny.

Ciara Ramos, photographer and marketing director,

For 2015 I am really excited to play more with proportions in my clothing and make bolder, bigger choices with my accessories. I’m obsessed with clean-cut tailoring inspired by Annie Hall. Come spring and summer, I’m looking forward to wearing looser styles by designers like Hackwith House Design. I am also a die-hard Evidence Jewelry and Tiro Tiro lover, so you can bet if you run into me in next year, I’ll be wearing their jewelry.

Moorea Seal, founder and co-owner of Moorea Seal

In 2015 I'll invest more in my wardrobe. Not only financially, but I'll be generally more thoughtful about what I wear. This year I'm going to be okay with spending more on quality that have unique design details. Ultimately, my focus is on buying things that I'm really excited about ... form over function.

Tom Ordonio, fashion designer,

Color. It’s a foreign thing, especially during winters in Seattle, and I am so often ensconced in various shades of black. So, little by little, I intend to incorporate pieces defy my monochromist nature.

Jennifer Utley, founder and editor-in-chief of Project Girl Crush

I want to cherish the clothing investments I make in 2015, so I plan to choose my wardrobe accordingly: buying fewer pieces with greater care, focusing on better quality and fit, choosing items that I love and feel great in. I'm inspired to seek luxurious yet practical items that will stand the test of time, perhaps spending a little more, but for pieces I will adore for years to come.

Melissa Korn, hair and makeup artist,


My style resolution for this year is to not be afraid of color! I tend to wear all black and grey and have a hard time incorporating color into my wardrobe. Not this year, this year will be colorful.

Rebekah Adams, fashion designer,



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