Last Minute Plans

Suddenly Open Seats for Tonight’s New Guard Dinner

If you were hoping to attend the clambake cheffed by Tako Truk’s Cormac Mahoney, here’s your chance.

08/04/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: The Tin Table

The theme rotates each month at these three-course dinners.

08/02/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Special Dinners

Art at the Four Seasons Offers Dinner Specials

Crab, steak, organic, fried chicken, ice cream sundaes…it’s all here, folks

07/28/2010 By Kathryn Robinson

Celeb Chefs

Chef Maria Hines of Tilth on Iron Chef America

(Pssst…you can sample the dinner she created two nights later!)

07/21/2010 By Kathryn Robinson


Stone Brewing Dinners Begin this Thursday at Emmer and Rye

Bonus: You leave with a sixer.



Photo Tour: Outstanding in the Field Dinner at Full Circle Farm

Last week a chef from [email protected] prepared a multicourse meal in the middle of a berry field. And we took pictures.

07/19/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: Sunday Supper at Maximilien

Three courses costs $30 at this normally spendy Pike Place resto.

07/19/2010 By Judy Naegeli


Feast of the Week: Urban BBQ at Joule

On summer Sundays, the Wallingford restaurant serves up regionally themed grilled goodies from around the globe. This week: Marrakesh.

07/14/2010 By Judy Naegeli


The Corson Building’s Bastille Day Bash: One for the Kiddies

Parents, meanwhile, can practice their pétanque and tipple pastis.

07/14/2010 By Christopher Werner


Bastille Day Three Ways

No, silly. Not those kind of three ways! We mean three ways to celebrate the birth of La Republique on July 14.

07/08/2010 By Jessica Voelker

The Classics

Le Gourmand Turns 25

Celebrate all summer with three courses for $45

07/07/2010 By Kathryn Robinson

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: Monday Supper at Spring Hill

Want Mark Fuller’s famed fried chicken? Get on the waiting list.

07/06/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Summer in Seattle

Food for the Fourth of July

BBQs, an all-day buffet, pulled pork sliders—here’s how to get piggy and patriotic.

07/02/2010 By Judy Naegeli

Supper Club

Feast of the Week: Fresh Bistro Seafood Boil

Every Wednesday the West Seattle restaurant piles pounds and pounds of it into a pot.

06/28/2010 By Judy Naegeli


New Evening Eats in Eastlake: Nettletown Tackles Dinner

Reserve-only supper tonight, weekend dinners begin in two weeks.

06/25/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Capitol Hill Restaurants Rally for PrideFeast

Plus: Poppy scoops ice cream, Qdoba gives out free tacos.

06/24/2010 By Douglas Bair


Outstanding in the Field at Full Circle Farms

Get your tickets now for the July 15 feast.

06/14/2010 By Jessica Voelker


Graduation = Dinner on Mom and Dad

Here’s your chance to splurge, kiddos. Choose wisely.

06/11/2010 By Christopher Werner


Pig Roast at Fresh Bistro on May 25

A $12, Mexican-themed pork buffet awaits you next Tuesday.

05/17/2010 By Jessica Voelker

Mother's Day

Make Mom Real Happy

…and reserve a table at one of these special Mother’s Day meals.

04/30/2010 By Judy Naegeli